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October 24, 2011



This week I am happy to share with you the exciting news that has been quite the buzz around here, LabX Media Group (which LabWrench is a proud member of) has acquired 'The Scientist' magazine. The Scientist complements what Lab Manager and LabX are already doing. Keep a look out for more information to come over the next week.

 Featured News

Thermo Fisher Scientific Introduces New µDrop Plate for Low-Volume Measurements
The µDrop™ Plate provides a straightforward way of analyzing up to 16 microliter-scale samples simultaneously. The fixed light path of the plate allows direct calculation of nucleic acid concentrations of the samples. Furthermore, users can detect dsDNA from a few micrograms to a few milligrams per milliliter, without needing to perform any dilutions.
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‘Two in one’ radio scanner/detector fits the budget (and the bench) from LabLogic
LabLogic’s new combined Scan-RAM Radio-TLC scanner and Radio-HPLC flow through detector is already winning praise from university researchers for its money-saving ‘two in one’ characteristics.
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GE Healthcare expands biomolecular imaging range with launch of the Typhoon™ FLA 9500 and Typhoon FLA 7000 IP
GE Healthcare has added two new imagers to their family of biomolecular imaging systems, the Typhoon FLA 9500 for imaging of multifluorescent-, chemifluorescent-, radioisotope-labeled, and colorimetric samples and the Typhoon FLA 7000 IP for the dedicated study of radioisotope labeled samples.
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Beckman Coulter Platforms Automate Stem Cell Differentiation
Beckman Coulter, Inc. integrates laboratory automation platforms that have been used for the culture and differentiation of pluripotent stem cells to improve the development of consistent embryoid bodies (EBs), decrease overall costs, and greatly increase throughput and reproducibility.
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 Featured Product

Obtain Reliable ELISA Results with Every Assay

Designed to help you obtain precise and accurate ELISA results, the Wellwash strip washer is compatible with 96-well plates, making it an excellent fit for routine clinical use. The advanced Wellwash Versa instrument allows efficient washing of cells as well as 384-well microplates. Incorporating automatic prime and rinse features these instruments deliver reliable and accurate performance. Wellwash and Wellwash Versa microplate washers are ideal for use in any laboratory performing ELISAs or cell washing. 

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 Featured Question and Discussions

Service Manual
Does anyone have service manuals, bulletins, tech tips, etc., for the 2700 series thermal cyclers?
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Whether Beckman Coulter PARADIGM™ could be used in calcium flux detection
Would you please tell me whether Beckman Coulter PARADIGM™ could be used in calcium flux detection?I would like to use this instrument to detect calcium change during calcium channel open and close, but I don't whether this machine could do this job.
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Parabolic reflector focusing failure
I have a problem with doing an optical alignment because of the stated error message above with my CEQ 8000? How do I proceed from there?
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Light Source
Display says searching for bulb. Assuming it blew? Where can I get a new bulb?
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