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November 7, 2011



This week’s newsletter focuses on Lab Washers with an article from Lab Manager Magazine, To Centralize or Not To Centralize? The question of limited access or general access to laboratory goods and services applies to a range of instruments, utilities, and competencies. These questions take on added significance for midsized or larger labs. Click here to read the full article.

Also, click here to find out how to bid on state-of-the-art biotech and pharmaceutical R&D and manufacturing equipment from the world's leading producers.

 Featured News

The Scientist Earns Folio Gold for Top Editorial
LabX Media Group is pleased to announce that The Scientist magazine received five 2011 Folio Awards for editorial excellence. For the second year in a row the magazine garnered gold in the Business to Business/Science category, single issue, for the July 2010 issue.
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Biotage Introduces First Value-Priced, Full-Featured Flash Purification System
The Isolera Prime delivers more than just the basics. Also included are a patented TLC-to-Gradient feature that eliminates method development guesswork and a solvent-saving gradient optimization function that reduces solvent use by up to 60%.
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GE Healthcare set to revolutionize imaging of live cells with launch of super-resolution imaging system
The new DeltaVision OMX Blaze system’s speed of image acquisition enables researchers to follow tagged proteins within the same living cell, over time, in three-dimensional space, at near molecular resolution. This makes it possible to start answering new kinds of research questions about how certain structures in cells behave, what they interact with, and how long the events last.
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Microplate reader can be customised for fluorescence and luminescence from LabLogic
As a photon-counting luminometer, the Chameleon V achieves ultra-high luminescence sensitivity down to less than 1amol ATP/well and a detection range exceeding six decades, combined with automatic injectors and temperature control. Applications include ATP detection, toxicology, reporter gene assays, dual luciferase assays, luminescence Immunoassays and BRET. The Chameleon will push luminescence limits of detection far beyond any other plate reader.
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 Featured Products

The 1700 LXA Glassware Washer from Lancer offers the ultimate in flexibility in washing with the following features:

  • “Glassware washing made easy”
  • Single / double door configurations for pass through applications
  • High capacity cleaning (1-3 levels)
  • HEPA filtered chamber & injection drying
  • Accelerated cycle option
  • Chamber light
  • Vertical sliding glass door
  • 316 L stainless steel chamber
  • Versatile rack selection
  • Cleaning chemicals available

View the 1700 LXA Glassware Washer on LabWrench

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New 90cm wide Glassware Washer from Miele

Miele's new PG 8535/36 combines the most innovative technique with outstanding cleaning results.

  • Sanitary fresh water cleaning system
  • Strong circulation pump of 159 gallons/minute
  • Rotary, three multi-jet spray arms
  • Direct Injection for accurate cleaning of hollow instruments
  • Adjustable spray arm rotation speed
  • Hot-air drying for perfect results

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 Featured Question and Discussions

VU-1601-LCD Display
We’re using uv-1601 shimadzu last 3-4 years & we r facing the problem of lcd display -lines scratches are continuously appearing on screen. Kindly suggest the software to connect the disply by connecting to external pc/monitor.
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HP 5890 GC a sharp spike downward before a peak
I have a HP 5890 GC. i have a sharp spike downward just before a desired peak appears. What is the cause of the spike?
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Comparison between manufacturers for syringe pumps
Hi, Can you tell me which of these manufacturers are the best to buy syringe pumps from and why: 1. Harvard Apparatus 2. Cole Parmer 3. KD Scientific Thanks, Nitin
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Sorvall rc5b service manual
Anybody ever purchase a sorvall rc5b service manual? Thermo quoted me $959 USD today. That seems rediculous.
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Erratic response
This API 3000 has been sitting vemted for > 1 year. I imagine the multiplier is no good now. Is there any way to test the multiplier? I get erratic signals, usually at the same abundances, but not always.
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