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November 28, 2011



Best practices dictate that pipettes undergo preventive maintenance and calibration at least once per year. Calibration involves dispensing set volumes of a liquid, usually water, into the weighing pan of a calibrated balance. Service personnel correct for temperature, humidity, and atmospheric pressure, and then compare the expected weight to the actual weight. Click here to read more about Pipettes from Lab Manager Magazine.

 Featured News

Software Tool Enables Easy Pipette Management
Pipetting protocols can be set up as custom programs with VIALINK and then copied onto your VIAFLO pipettes. Users can create a program library which can hold an unlimited number of pipetting protocols.
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Agilent Technologies Introduces World's Smallest FTIR Spectrometer
Designed with customer applications in mind, innovative sampling accessories slide in and out in seconds, with no alignment required. Intuitive software allows even novice users to accurately analyze samples in just seconds.
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It’s the Coupling That Counts
A new method of coupling thermogravimetry to GC automates the continuous or event-controlled characterization of gas emissions from biomass during thermal processes. Individual components in gas mixtures can thus be better qualified.
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OriginLab® Releases Origin® 8.6 and OriginPro® 8.6
This new version provides a series of upgrades and feature enhancements that were developed based on customer feedback on the previous version, 8.51. The most significant new feature in version 8.6 is the availability of a native 64-bit version, which will support customers as they work with large datasets.
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 Featured Product

Experience Good Laboratory Pipetting
Save up to 40%!

Complete Kits – includes everything you need:

  • Ergonomic pipettes
  • Convenient pipette stands
  • Compatible Thermo Scientific Finntip Flex tips
  • Disposable reservoirs + Finntip Sample Pack
  • F-series pen + product brochure
  • Good Laboratory Pipetting Guide



 Featured Question and Discussions

Pipette Calibration
How do I calibrate a Rainin pipet-plus LTS RL? I've already checked for any part problems, and I'm getting high volumes. It just need calibration.
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Buck Scientific HPLC
How do I operate a Buck Scientific HPLC? ie anyone with its Standard operating procedure? It is urgent please.
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Centrifuge heat build-up
Forgive my lack of knowledge pertaining to centrifuges but I need to know, if I was to take a 2’ threaded rod about 16 inches long and insert it into a container that was about 1/3 full of water and spun the rod at a high rate of speed, would the water heat up as it spun and the water hit the side of the container? If so, how fast would the water heat? If not, what could I add to the water to make it heat up? Thank you in advance for your time.
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Hitachi EZchrom Elite HPLC
How do I get my calibration curve after sequence running both the standard and samples?
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 LabWrench Blog

Ergonomic Pipetting – A New Approach

It is common to assume Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) only occurs to people working in computer operations. However it also greatly affects laboratory staff when day to day duties include repetitive and precise movements of the hands and arms, specifically with the ever-growing use of manual pipettes.

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