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December 5, 2011



Laboratories are at the forefront of research and analysis. But when it comes to communication, they are followers rather than leaders and can be very slow to adopt innovations. The use of social media is a case in point, as a recent survey of nearly 200 lab managers revealed. There are six good reasons for labs to explore the opportunities offered by the social media. Click here to read more about Scientists & the Social Media from Lab Manager Magazine.

 Featured News

EMD Millipore Introduces PARP1 Enzyme Activity Assay for Enhanced Detection and Sensitivity as Compared with Traditional Activity Assays
The kit is a flexible, homogenous, no-wash assay for quantifying enzymatic activity. Based on patent-pending technology, this assay employs nicotinamidase to measure nicotinamide generated upon cleavage of NAD+ during PARP-mediated poly-ADP-ribosylation of a substrate, thereby providing a direct, positive signal assessment of the activity of PARP1 and PARP2.
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Nickel-clad Tubing for HPLC/UHPLC Applications
The fused silica tubing has a thick nickel coating applied to achieve a higher pressure rating. A thin nickel coating may also be used for resistive heating for fused silica tubing. The nickel also performs as a temperature sensor. The result is the lowest thermal mass FS column currently available.
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Porex Corporation Expands Chromatography and SPE Media Offerings
POREX Chromatography and SPE Media exemplify the critical design standards and precision molding required for today’s technological products and can be used in a wide variety of demanding life science filtration, separation, extraction and purification applications including drug discovery, protein precipitation and dissolution.
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Randox expand range of immunoturbidimetric proteins
With the recent launch of the Haptoglobin and Ceruloplasmin assays Randox now have one of the largest ranges of immunoturbidimetric proteins on the market. All reagents are liquid ready to use for added convenience; furthermore, automated applications are available for most chemistry systems eliminating the need for specialized protein analyzers.
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 Featured Product

Sartorius Cubis® Series Balances
The Definition of a New Class

Cubis® is the new benchmark, setting the standards for all others to follow. The Cubis® modular equipment series, consisting of display and control units, weighing modules and draft shields, interface modules and an extensive line of accessories, enables you to customize your Cubis® balance to meet your specific requirements for any weighing task. Offered in a choice of three display and control units, Cubis® meets the requirements of different operating concepts and covers the entire range of laboratory applications.




 Featured Question and Discussions

Cobas 8000
Is it possible to have a Cobas 8000 with this configuration: c502 + c502?
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Galaxy 170R CO2 incubator
Hi, we are planning to buy a new CO2 incubator Galaxy 170R with high-temperature disinfection. I have tried to find some reviews about this incubator but could not. I will be very grateful if somebody could tell about their experience with this incubator. Thanks a lot.
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Problem with connecting a second Q-Pod dispenser
Now I already connected first Q-Pod element to Milli-Q Advantage A10. But in documentation written:"if you want to connect second Q-pod dispenser please refer to documentation attached to the complect of Q-Pod". I checked all boxes twice and haven't found any additional documentation! So the question is: How to connect a second Q-Pod in the right order?
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Radwag MYA5
We are using Radwag MYA5 micro balance in our lab and it's not working properly. It's showing Communication error & Values greater than 5% Error Please help us to cure the problem.
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