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January 9, 2012



It’s not something that immediately springs to mind on a day to day basis, but you may be setting up a new lab and need to furnish it, or you might find a piece of existing furniture needs to be replaced. Working in a lab you will know already that safety and functionality are highly important, so knowing what to look for when buying furniture for your lab is extremely important.

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 Recent Question and Discussions

Cannot get tubing through the heated transfer line
What is the best way to push the tubing through the heated transfer line between a GC and a purge and trap concentrator? My tubing kinked right at the end and then I could not get it to push through. Is there a trick I do not know about?
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Innova 4300 not runnig Error message at LCD
This unit doesn't run. If you remove the belt from the motor it will run up tp 70 RPM only. With a load, it will stop.
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DI H20 system for instrument
We are moving our lab and putting in the AU480. We have 2 questions: 1. What size and system would you suggest for the DI H20? ; 2. Does the instrument have to have 19.6" clearance from the wall?
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Steris Reliance 400/500
We have a Steris Reliance 400 Dishwasher, we are out of soap right now and need to order some NOW!! Please let me know the type of powder soap to use so I can order it ASAP.
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 Featured Product

IAC Opens Online Source for Versatile Lab Workstations and Benches

Lab managers and planners now have a site specializing in top quality technical furnishing designed for the modern laboratory: Versatility and flexibility of setup and re-deployment are key attributes, along with intrinsic ergonomics.

Product Lines:

  • Dimension 4™ Modular Lab Stations
  • Workmaster™ Lab Benches
  • Series 5000™ Cleanroom Sealed Benches
  • Isles Airclean™ Laminar Flow Lab benches

    You’ll find a wealth of experience and customer service associated with a broad product selection and case studies, with free quote service.
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     Recent News

    InnovaPrep launches novel, automated mechanical enrichment device to replace antiquated common sample prep methods
    The Concentrating Pipette is an automated microparticle concentrator developed to replace antiquated, time consuming, and labor intensive sample prep methods such as culture enrichment, filtration, and centrifugation.
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    SANYO’s brand new MDF-U76V is the most energy-efficient 700 litre -86ºC freezer available
    The new SANYO MDF-U76V ultra-low freezer combines improved cooling performance with outstanding energy efficiency. The advantages include greater security for precious research or clinical samples, as well as significantly lower running costs and added environmental benefits.
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    BioTek Offers Service Through Serlabo in France
    BioTek Instruments is pleased to announce a service partnership with Serlabo Technologies in France. Under this contract, Serlabo will provide installation, installation/operation/performance qualification (IQ/OQ/PQ), primary training, service, preventative maintenance and service contracts for users of BioTek's microplate instrumentation.
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    Atline monitoring of a bleach production
    Metrohm’s 875 ProcessLab system offers customized analytical solutions for a flexible monitoring of bleach components during production. Our process analytical solution allows monitoring of multiple electrolysis cells without the hassles of having many pipelines to each individual sampling point.
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