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January 24, 2012



As promised, the long-awaited “Communities” are being rolled out this week and we are all very excited to see how this will improve your experience on LabWrench. You will be advised when this new feature is available to use and we hope you will find it a useful tool!

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 Featured Question and Discussions

Cecil adept ce4100 pump
The pump serial no 150-311, is indicating error e53 - pump over pressure! The instrument would not purged, and when the purge button is depressed, it gives the error e53, and shuts down the pump. The pump would not run even when the run button is pressed. What could cause this, and how do I overcome this problem problem?
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Data Exporting from Immage 800
The question is simply, "Is there any way I can export data from this instrument, (final report values from printouts) electronically so that I can further manipulate them in some other computer program (like say Excel or Word)?
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Need to calibrate the temperature on Precision BOD 815
I can't find access to the owner's manual for this piece of equipment and desperately need to calibrate the temperature setting. I can't seem to get it to cool down to 32.5C as it should. Please help!
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System Halted
When power up the system, it is halted on initializing. When I remove the communication module, system works manually (without PC), in proper way. Please guide me what I do?
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UV indicator question
UV indicator on display screen flashes continuously. Direct-Q 3 does not have a UV lamp and I cannot get to the C05 screen (it only goes to C04) to reset timer on non-existant UV lamp. How do I remove flashing indicator on display screen?
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 Featured Product

Compact Vacuum Pumps

VACUUBRAND® XS-series vacuum pumps are extremely compact, with a footprint one-third that of common belt-drive vacuum pump designs, and half the weight. Despite their efficient use of bench space, these pumps offer comparable vacuum capacity (2x10-3 mbar) and higher pumping speed than older designs. Ideal for applications that need vacuum performance beyond the reach of oil-free pumps, such as freeze-dryers and Schlenk lines. The VACUUBRAND® XS-series pumps are also quiet, energy conserving, and treated to improve chemical resistance.

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 Featured News

MicroActive – Micromeritics New Innovative Interactive Data Analysis Software
Micromeritics’ new innovative MicroActive data analysis software allows users to interactively evaluate isotherm data from Micromeritics’ ASAP, TriStar, and Gemini gas adsorption instruments. Interaction with adsorption data is direct.
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Aquatrode plus now available with removeable electrode cable
Metrohm USA proudly offers the newest version of the Aquatrode plus with easy storage, quick replacement and complete flexibility because of its new removable cable.
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Kaluza 1.2 Cytometry Software from Beckman Coulter Provides World-class Speed, Enhanced Ease of Use
A quick and simple interface with radial menus makes use easier than ever before. The ability to see animated data in multiple dimensions facilitates outstanding visualization.
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Multipurpose Liquid Handling Instrument
A choice of different tubing sets allow the user to quickly change between these three operation modes making VIAFILL a uniquely versatile tool for laboratories which perform a range of different applications including reagent or media dispensing, cell seeding, plate washing or serial dilutions.
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