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February 6, 2012



Vacuum pumps are used for a wide variety of applications including evaporation, distillation and filtration to name a few. It is important to choose a vacuum pump that matches your specific lab application and it is for this reason that vacuum pumps can be categorized into Diaphragm, Diffusion, Scroll, Ion, Rotary-Vane, and Turbomolecular pumps.

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 Featured Question and Discussions

Beckman DU-650 won't cal wavelength
After running the built in wavelength cal function, it fails. It seems to function fine except for this. Using other standards, it appears the wavelength is off by 5 or 6 nm. Is there some secret code I can shift the range to where it expects? Or anyone have a service manual so I can make an adjustment?
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Need a procedure to refill uv optic with high purity nitrogen.
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LECO Corporation FP-528 failed to pressurize
When I test a sample, the time is very long (about 330s) when leak check: failed to pressurize.
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Bio-Rad Poly-Prep®
Can this column used for purification of protein within tobacco leaves?
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Temperature Calibration
I have a Precision RDL 20 temperature bath that is off .4 DF from its stated value. I do not have the manual for the unit, nor can I find one and need to calibrate it?
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DPS-600 PeakSimple and COM ports
I am trying to set up an external computer to run PeakSimple and just display the results from a DPS-600 gas chromatograph. Could someone tell me what has to be run on the DPS-600 and any configuration settings that may be needed. Are virtual COM ports needed? And similarly what setting on the external PC?
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 Featured Product

Hybrid Vacuum Pump Reduces Oil Changes by 90%

The VACUUBRAND® RC 6 Chemistry-HYBRID vacuum pump dramatically reduces service interruptions and costs compared with conventional rotary vane pumps. You get the vacuum range of a rotary vane pump (2x10-3 mbar) and the service advantages of a corrosion-resistant diaphragm pump. The RC 6 reduces condensation in pump oil and continuously distills solvents from the oil. Ideal for circumstances in which condensing and corrosive vapors are present routinely or in large quantities. Typical applications include freeze drying and distillation.

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 Featured News

Biotage Introduces Biotage® SNAP Ultra High Performance Flash Chromatography Cartridges
Biotage® HP-Sphere™ is chromatographically tested proprietary silica with 40% more surface area than previously available flash silica in the same high performance category, improving loading capacity and providing superior separation of eluting compounds.
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New LIMS software module offers major time savings by automatically controlling consumable stock
The simple to use Consumable Stock Control LIMS software has been specifically developed by Two Fold Software’s team of skilled programmers to ensure that laboratory users do not require any additional effort to keep control of their constantly changing stocks of consumables.
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Measure Viscosity with 20µl (microliter) Samples!
The m-VROC viscosity measurement system already had the smallest sample size in the industry at 50µl (microliter). RheoSense Inc. is continuing to improve its patented VROC technology to provide more value to customers.
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Aura - environmentally friendly and energy efficient
Mystaire™ Misonix ductless fume hoods are self-contained, filtered enclosures that remove hazardous fumes, vapors and particles from virtually any laboratory application. Unlike traditional fume hoods there are no installation costs or ductwork needed.
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