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February 21, 2012



The major focus for product entry this week has been the centrifuge category with 46 new products entered! Being such a big category, it is not uncommon to see a large amount of new products on the market. See a breakdown of new and old model centrifuge products entered on LabWrench this week.

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 Featured Question and Discussions

Memory problems
When I opened the Multiwave 3000 this morning there was no method into the library and nothing in the review menu. It was like the system (software) was reset. Could you please help us by telling us which is the problem and what can we do to fix it! I thank you in advance and I am looking forward for your answer!
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Filter paper for Rotofix 32A
We bought a Cytocentrifuge Rotofix 32A and I would like to know if you can send me informtion on filter paper that we need to use with our cytocentrifuge.
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API 4000 mass spec
Is the API 4000 different than the API 4000 QTrap or is the API 4000 only a triple quad?
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No Air Pressure (Interlock ERROR)
PerkinElmer AA 400. I am getting this interlock error "No Air Pressure" but the air supply is active. Where can I look for the pressure sensor. It seems that this could be the problem. Is it on the flow block where the gasses are connected?
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Cursor will not move
DU640B Uv-Vis, cursor will not move, mouse changed out, issue remains, mouse cable/connections checked, tight withou any corrosion, powered down and back up several times, issue remains, passes self check.
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Error message: current diode is red
Hi, expert please help me out in following problem. The problem is while warming up this above error message (current diode red) flashes and then system doesn't run. Roche Reflotron Plus.
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 Featured Product

Cordless Electronic Vacuum Gauge

VACUUBRAND’s DVR2 electronic vacuum gauge presents pressures in analog and digital formats with user-selectable units. The analog display simplifies monitoring of pressure trends, while the digital display provides an accurate readout. With a range from atmosphere to 1 mbar/torr/hPa, the gauge is suitable for most lab applications and many industrial uses. The DVR2 operates cordlessly with a 9V lithium battery that offers up to 5000 hours of operating life. Battery and a choice of connectors (flange and hose-barb) are included.

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 Featured News

New Barcode Library Allows Multiplexing Of Up To 96 Different Samples In A Single Sequencing Run
Fluidigm Corporation has announced the availability of the Access Array™ Barcode Library for the Ion Torrent Personal Genome Machine (PGM) sequencer. This barcode library allows multiplexing of up to 96 different samples in a single sequencing run.
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ELISA Microplates for Diagnostic and Immunological Research
Manufactured from virgin USP Class VI crystal polystyrene - Porvair ELISA plates ensure excellent results with microplate readers. Produced as a one-piece moulding - Porvair ELISA plates have an exceptionally flat base with good clarity across the well bottom and even base thickness ensuring high accuracy and precision when making well-to-well measurements.
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Mystaire™Misonix announces the release of MY-PCR Prep workstations
MY-PCR Prep provides the molecular biology laboratory technician with a “personal cleanroom” for use in the amplification of DNA and RNA. Between amplifications, My-PCR Prep can be irritated with shortwave UV energy to denature potential contaminates and eliminate their ability to be amplified.
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Improving Data Quality in Nitrogen Determination
Developed by Exeter Analytical Inc. for use with the Model 440 Elemental Analyzer - Linear Regression Plus is a unique software algorithm that provides unmatched accuracy in the determination of the nitrogen content of combustible samples.
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