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LabWrench Communities are here!
Being a LabWrench Member just got better.

Build Your Bench Communities Logo

You can now “bench” products, categories, and even manufacturers. Just use the ‘Add to My Bench‘ Icons ( , , ) found around LabWrench to bookmark your favorite communities.

3 Types of Communities to Add to “My Bench”

Product Communities
Add lab equipment and instruments you use to your “My Bench”! Ask questions and provide answers to interact with other scientific professionals.

Category Communities
Get the latest news and information about the products your lab uses. Interested in new technologies? Add product categories to your Bench. From HPLC to Particle Size, you can join any category listed on LabWrench and get daily or weekly alerts.

Manufacturer Communities
Interested in your favorite lab equipment manufacturer and want to hear the latest product news? You can add them to your “My Bench” too.

Benefits of Joining LabWrench Communities:

  • Get direct access to discussions, resources, news, and more!
  • Stay up to date with notifications to categories, equipment, and manufacturers.
  • Manage your community alerts.
  • Use your My Bench page for easy access to your chosen communities

 Visit and start building your “Bench” today!