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March 26, 2012



The technique of air sampling is used when analyzing contaminants in a particular volume of air. A pump passes air through a filter medium (varies according to solid or gas contaminants) and the volume of remaining air is measured against the amount of contaminant captured.

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NI 488.2 and Chemstation
Is it possible that I can use my NI 488.2 with chemstation for 5890 GC and win xp?
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Pressure indicates more than 20 Pa before the conical
The conical chamber leaks. Any suggestions?
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Measurements on polymer thin films
We are involved in calorimetric investigation on polymer thin films. We are encountering some problems in placing correctly the film in the chip.
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EpiChemi II Darkroom
Our EpiChemi II Darkroom from UVP setup has some problem and needs repair. The camera is fine but the transilluminator containing box has some issues.
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Display Problem with Julabo FP25-ME
I have a Julabo FP25-ME refrigerated circulating bath that the display is acting out.
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CP-3800 doesn't start
We have a Varian CP-3800 equiped with EDC and TSD detectors. We now operate just using ECD. All conditions are OK but the equipament is always "not ready".
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Kilo-lab and Pilot lab vacuum pump

When you need oil-free vacuum with the ultimate in process control, choose the VACUUBRAND® MD 12C VARIO-B vacuum system. These workhorse pumps are highly corrosion resistant, and offer vacuum to 1.5 Torr and pumping speeds to 167 lpm. Equipped with our VARIO® controllers, the pumps are self-regulating, delivering optimized vacuum continuously and automatically without test runs or programming. These pumps can also maintain exact vacuum levels with not hysteresis. Computer link can record process conditions or manage custom protocols.

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 Featured News

Label Samples Quickly and Permanently with the Scienceware® Battery Powered Engraving Tool from Bel-Art Products
When temporary labeling simply will not do, reach for the new Battery Powered Engraving Tool from Bel-Art Products. It puts the ability to permanently engrave items at the tip of your fingers eliminating worry about pen markings or adhesive labels fading, peeling off or not fitting the space.
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DNA Sample Concentrator
Delivering best-of-class performance in all aspects the miVac DNA provides scientists everything they need to safely and swiftly concentrate or dry their samples in a compact, easy-to-use benchtop unit. Simple "select & set" single control knob control enables even new users to obtain excellent results first time and every time.
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Thermo Fisher Scientific Enhances Sample Preparation with New Syringe Filters
Previously supplied as the SUN-Sri TITAN2 and National Scientific Target ranges, these filter units have been enhanced by Thermo Fisher to offer improved reliability and performance, including an improved housing design that prevents leakage during filtration.
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Buck Scientific 230ATS
Buck Scientific is unveiling their new Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer for trace metals analysis this summer. The intuitive Graphical User Interface (GUI) features five easy screens which are brilliantly displayed by the embedded 10.1" Linux touch screen tablet.
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