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April 9, 2012



Fume hoods allow scientists to work safely with potentially hazardous chemicals and are a primary safety method in preventing exposure to harmful fumes. Fume hoods rely on linear or vortex air flow to divert harmful gases from compounds. These gases are then diffused out eliminating the leftover pollution.

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Plenty of discussions are happening on LabWrench all the time. We have many questions come in daily from users that are seeking advice from fellow users and lab professionals. Can you help any of these users find the answers they are looking for?

ME 8 C
Does the Vacuubrand ME 8C NT have it's own motor or does it need to be connected to one?
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What kind of materials are suitable for FTIR test
I have lots of materials which are not pure in chemistry such as 10% beta-caroten, 1% pre-mix of vitamin B12, microcrystalline cellulose etc, I am not sure if FTIR test is suitable for these materials
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Can someone tell me how to calibrate the Anton Paar SVM 3000?
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Thermo Scientific Heraeus Clinifuge
I would like to obtain manual for this unit Cat. No. 75003539
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AT20 communication details required
Does it have Ethernet port? Please give me information whether AT20 balance is OPC compatible or not? If no then hw can I take data out of this balance in third party software? Thanks
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Fatal error 312
During startup calibrating monochromator ends with fatal error 312. I am aware that this code is failed gain calibration, and am looking for my next step to recalibrate.
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Waiting Can be Frustrating – Why Wait for Weights?

Balances should always be checked with reference weights on which you can rely and trust. At METTLER TOLEDO’s accredited mass laboratories, they clean, calibrate, adjust and document your weights in a detailed calibration certificate.

In addition, the company has made a number of improvements to their mass laboratories that have significantly reduced calibration turnaround time. They’re so confident they’re offering the best guarantee in the business. If you send your weights in for re-calibration today, and they aren’t re-calibrated in ten business days or less, your next calibration is FREE!


 Featured News

GoIndustry DoveBid Launches New Industry-Focused Website Pages
GoIndustry DoveBid, a leading provider of surplus asset management services, announced that it has launched new industry-focused pages on its website,, in order to highlight its service offerings to a wide range of industries.
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Affordable, highly safe hotplate stirrer
Manufactured in an ISO9001-2008 production facility the Asynt hotplate stirrer has a hermetically sealed design to protect the motor assembly from spillages and a highly polished aluminium hotplate for optimum heat transfer.
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Tecan granted patent for revolutionary NanoQuant Plate™
The revolutionary design of Tecan’s NanoQuant Plate™ has been recognized with the granting of a new European patent. Launched in 2008, the NanoQuant Plate was the first solution on the market designed for simultaneous measurement of multiple low volume samples.
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Organize bleach disinfecting towels next to centrifuges and glucometers
EPA registered HYPE-WIPE® and MINI HYPE-WIPE® bleach towelettes are one-step disinfectant wipes for most centrifuges and glucometers. The individually wrapped towelettes are saturated with the CDC/OSHA/NCCLS recommended 1:10 dilution of sodium hypochlorite and stabilized for an extended shelf life.
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