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May 14, 2012



Searching for a piece of lab equipment can be a daunting task, especially with the large amount of products on the market today. LabWrench makes the process easier for you with our ‘Compare’ feature. With almost 12,000 pieces of equipment on the site, LabWrench should be your first point of contact before purchasing a piece of lab equipment.

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 Recently Asked Questions

Plenty of discussions are happening on LabWrench all the time. We have many questions come in daily from users that are seeking advice from fellow users and lab professionals. Can you help any of these users find the answers they are looking for?

Application of Mettler Toledo DL15
I want to test acidity of transformer oil which is purchased as per IEC 60296 and its acidity is checked as per IEC 62021-1. Is DL15 is suitable for this application.
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Knauer Smartline
I have some problem with HPLC. When the user upload any method from the software, all the method parameters are displayed on the HPLC screen the same as defined in the method.
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Stopping EPPENDORF 541
Equipment doesn't stop as it should. Does it use a brake restor and if so, what size and power factor?
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Beckman Coulter COULTER® HmX decontamination protocol
I need to get the decontamination procedure to remove an old instrument from service.
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Alcohol Analysis Interpretation
What amount of alcohol is present when the result states "Less than 0.005 mg/. dl"?
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 Ask The Expert

Brought to you by METTLER TOLEDO 

Q: How do I know if my balance needs to be tested in accordance with USP 34–NF 29 General Chapter <41>?

A: Three simple questions to answer. If you successfully answer yes to all 3 of the statements below, then that balance must comply.
1. Are you, or the entity you are weighing for, audited by the FDA?
2. Is the sample you are weighing on this balance a USP Monographed substance?
3. Is the result of this weighing being used for Assay?

To find out more about Mettler Toledo’s Good Weighing Practice™, please visit their website at

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 Questions Gone Unanswered

We have so many questions filling our forums that sometimes questions can be missed and go without answers. Can you help us provide answers for these users with unanswered questions?

Radiometer ABL5
I have a ABL 5 in my lab. I want to learn that; can 340 mL of rinse solution be used for 100 test? Can the rinse solution of ABL 700 used instead of ABL-5 rinse solution?
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Calibration Curve
How do you clear the calibration curve after a run has been made so the new standards can be prosessed. I clear the old curve out on the sample list, but when I redraw my baselines and reprocess the standards, I then have 8 points. I check the ones I want to use, but the curve doesn't look good
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Negative reads for TSS
When I do this test according to the procedure in the manual for the waste water samples it's twice now I got a negative read -15,-11 for a sample i expect that it should read 10-20 mg/L
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Detection levels
QA/QC for DNA purity using the DTX 880. How precise is the DTX 880?
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 Featured Product

Thermo Scientific PikoReal

The PikoReal Real-Time PCR System is available in 24- and 96-well instrument formats. It offers outstanding performance in a small bench-top footprint. The uniqueheating block design of PikoReal systems maintains excellent temperature uniformity and fast heating and cooling for optimal amplification. The utilisation of the proprietary ultra-thin wall (UTW®) Piko PCR plates lowers running costs by minimising reagent and plastics consumption.

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 Featured News

Auriga® Laser: Innovative Combination of FIB/SEM Technology with Laser Ablation for Fast Sample Preparation
AURIGA® Laser is particularly useful for the examination of samples where the target structure is deeply buried under material layers. To gain access to the target structure this material needs to be removed – a procedure which is difficult to conduct with conventional techniques.
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Improved Sensitivity and throughput - Eksigent ekspert™ microLC 200 system
Redefine what is possible in high throughput LC/MS/MS by Trading In your current HPLC system in exchange for special promotional pricing on a new ekspert™ microLC 200 System. Contact your sales representative for more details or click the box below.
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OMEGA Introduces Polycarbonate Enclosures EK Series
Omega introduces its new EK series of NEMA 4X polycarbonate enclosures. These unique enclosures are designed to house and protect DIN rail mount IEC components, such as DIN rail mount circuit breakers, timers, switches, meters and other control devices.
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Hamilton Shift-N-Scan Module Automates On-Deck Bar Code Reading of up to 96 Tubes
The Shift-N-Scan Tube Bar code Scanner - a patented module for the Microlab® NIMBUS Automated Liquid Handling Platform that enables hands-free bar code reading of sample tubes. Compatible with the NIMBUS4 benchtop system, Shift-N-Scan provides significant time savings while reducing errors inherent in manual tube scanning. Shift-N-Scan moves rows of tubes to positions on either side of the scanner, quickly recording the bar codes for accurate sample tracking.
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