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June 4, 2012



With the emergence of websites such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, it is easy to see how social networking can be used as an efficient platform in sharing information and connecting with colleagues with similar interests and goals. Similarly, social networking can allow lab professionals and industry experts to expand their knowledge base and stay on top of the most current laboratory trends and technologies.

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 Featured Question and Discussions

Plenty of discussions are happening on LabWrench all the time. We have many questions come in daily from users that are seeking advice from fellow users and lab professionals. Can you help any of these users find the answers they are looking for?

EPPENDORF Vacufuge plus Vacuum Concentrator
What would cause this unit to heat up to 40C plus in the chamber as it runs at ambient temp for 2 to 3 hrs?
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Infors Ecotron Opn
The display of the shaker shows "Opn" when I try to start it. Should I call the service or it is something easy to solve?
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"Instrument is off'' problem
An undesired problem occurs for our LTQ XL system such that when I intend to open the software, the instrument is seen to be off. The vacuum and communication lamps are orange and the system lamp is off although the power lamp is green. Because the instrument is off, it is impossible to start diagnostics tool? What could be the possible reason for this?
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Thermo Scientific LTQ XL* Linear Ion Trap
Is the Xcaibur software compatible with Shimadzu CBM-20A, SIL20 ACHT, LC 20 AD NANO, DGU-20A5 LC-AD and Reservoir Tray with the LTQ XL?
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Converting Peak Simple log file t XL spreadsheet
I am looking for a simple way to get a Peak Simple tab delimited log file into an XL sheet for charting. Any ideas?
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Annual system checks
I ran a wavelength, bandwidth, and drift check today by following the manual. What do the numbers mean and in what range should the numbers be in. I ran the wave and band at 656.1 and the drift at 656.2
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 Featured Product


The new refrigerated microcentrifuge, 5418 R is a compact and economic solution for every lab! This microcentrifuge is defined with outstanding quality, established ergonomics, and superior temperature control. Centrifuge 5418 R is equipped with an aerosol-tight, 18-place rotor that is able to spin at a maximum speed of 16,873 x g. Certified aerosol-tight containment is achieved with Eppendorf’s QuickLock™ technology, which requires just a quarter-turn! accuracy within the rotor!

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 Featured News

Synergy™ NEO: The Smart Choice for Today’s HTS Applications
Synergy NEO includes multiple parallel detectors to decrease measuring time, and dedicated filter-based optics for live cell assays. Patent pending Hybrid Technology™ found in Synergy NEO combines filter-based and monochromator-based systems in one compact unit for increased flexibility, speed and performance.
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Simple and effective vapor containment - Mystaire Misonix
The FE-2620 is a compact, economical solution for capturing fumes and particulate during routine laboratory analysis. This lightweight model is constructed from durable epoxy-coated aluminum that provides for excellent durability in typical laboratory environments.
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PRO Scientific - Universal Homogenizers
PRO Scientific manufactures hand-held homogenizers, post-mounted homogenizers and programmable homogenizers with the ability to homogenize various volumes (.03ML to 20L) at speeds of up to 30,000 RPM. New from PRO is a variety of economic packages which have been preselected to better assist you in selecting a homogenizer setup that best suit your needs.
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Microscope Images Go Mobile With New Leica DMshare App From Leica Microsystems
The system comprises the Leica ICC50 HD camera, a data transfer hub and the necessary software for the iPad. The app is suitable for all iPad generations and for laboratories with and without a WiFi network, offering users in all areas of microscopy a new standard of convenience and flexibility for their everyday work.
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