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June 18, 2012



Looking for resources on lab equipment that is readily available at your fingertips? Looking for a tool that can help you make calculations in the field? You can find the app for that through LabWrench’s new ‘Apps’ category. With the large increase in Smartphone use everywhere, it’s no surprise that the leading manufacturers of lab equipment have begun developing mobile apps that are designed to help lab professionals on the go.

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 Featured Question and Discussions

Plenty of discussions are happening on LabWrench all the time. We have many questions come in daily from users that are seeking advice from fellow users and lab professionals. Can you help any of these users find the answers they are looking for?

Hydrophobic Material
A client gave us a sample and requested a particle size distribution on it. The sample just happens to be hydrophobic so, all the particles float straight to the top of the electrolyte in the beaker and will not stay submerged which makes it so an analysis can not be conducted. Would it be ok to use another liquid, other than the electrolyte, for the analysis? If so, what? Or, do you know of something I can add to the beaker which would remove the samples hydrophobicity?
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Acculab 200 reads H and frozen
Acculab 200 reads H and frozen. Does anyone know how to fix this? It will not allow me to do anything. Just reads H
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Measuring UV of solid samples and powder samples
How is the instrument used to measure the UV of a solid and powder samples?
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Randox Evidence Users
We are getting an Evidence in our lab, and later an Evidence Evolution. I'm a little skeptical of the instrument. Are there any users who have used one? I just would like to know the kinds of problems to expect from a vendor I've never dealt with before. I very used to LCMS and GCMS, but immunoassay analyzers I am not very familiar with. Any advice would be much appreciated.
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Low total counts
The GC produces normal sized peaks, but the area counts are extremely low.
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D-50 series program
I had a Horiba D-53 unit and I'm experiencing some problem communicating it in my computer. I used Hyperterminal as a software but the problem is that when I input a command in the Hyperterminal, the device gives me continous reply without typing anything. How can I stop the device from sending replies?
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 Featured Product

Uptime is Vital to Productivity

You expect your equipment to be up and running under any circumstance- because even a minute of downtime could lead to inconsistency, batch failures and lost output. All of which can spell disaster for your laboratory.

That’s where METTLER TOLEDO’S TotalCare Service has you covered. Our Factory Trained Technicians know how to decrease downtime and provide you with the maximum benefit from your investment by using state of the art tools, technology and our proprietary calibration and certification software.

You simply can’t afford any downtime because your uptime is vital to productivity. Let METTLER TOLEDO help you optimize the uptime of your equipment and provide you with support when and where you need it.

 Featured News

Capillary Ion Chromatography Column for Analysis of Organic Acids and Inorganic Anions
This high-capacity, hydroxide-selective column is our first anion-exchange column using 4 µm resin particles. The smaller particles produce more efficient peaks and better resolution thus making analysis easier and more reliable. The smaller particles also produce higher system back pressure (over 3000 psi) under standard operating conditions and therefore can only be run using the Thermo Scientific Dionex ICS-5000 HPIC or Dionex ICS-4000 HPIC systems, which operate up to 5000 psi.
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Eppendorf introduces the NEW Kit Rotor Design!
When it comes to innovative rotor design, every detail counts! A new unique Kit rotor offers a solution for a common problem when working with MiniPrep spin column kits, used in purifying nucleic acids applications. These kits use filters that fit within microcentrifuge tubes, which commonly prevent the lid from closing. Centrifugation is required at high speeds during the elution step, where consequently the lids of the tubes shear off creating tiny projectiles within the rotor.
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Sartorius Launches Biohit Picus Electronic Pipette
With Biohit Picus laboratory professionals achieve more reliable results. New generation technology – electronic brake and the piston control system - guarantee optimal pipetting results. The electronic brake stops the piston movement rapidly to guarantee accurate and precise pipetting results especially in serial dispensing. The integrated plate tracker further increases reliability in microwell plate work by guiding the user to pipette into correct wells.
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Shimadzu Launches Free iPhone® App for UV-Vis Spectrophotometry
The app allows scientists to monitor their solvents’ chemical and physical properties at any time. This includes lower limit of useable wavelength, melting point and boiling point values and more for each solvent. Users can choose solvents easily by scrolling through a list.
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 Questions Gone Unanswered

We have so many questions filling our forums that sometimes questions can be missed and go without answers. Can you help us provide answers for these users with unanswered questions?

Chemistry Laboratory Manager
Can my Metrohm 862 Titrosampler merely automatically measure and record pH, with the tiration function disabled? I am aware that I can do them manually, but want to make use of the autosampler.
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Compression clamp
We have a ceramic type of material with modulus around 50GPa and the thickness is around 50micron. This is bounded to a substrate with modulus around 150GPa and the thickness is around 2mm. We would like to measure the compression modulus of this material (composed of two materials) with Q800 DMA that we have , I was wondering whether the compression clamp can handle this? In terms of some restrictions that DMA has on modulus of materials.
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Hexane mobile phase on EnviroSep ABC
We have EnviroSep ABC column in our lab on which methylene chloride was used as a mobile phase. We are starting a new project and using hexane as an extraction solvent. My question is whether hexane is a compatible solvent with the column's stationary phase (I did some quick search online and couldn't find any reference to that on my own), and if it is, whether it is okay to do it on the same column that methylene chloride has been used before?
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Detector EFC flow exceeded
Our GC 3900 Varian system is indicating the problem detector efc flow exceeded maximum flow rate. We set Nitrogen pressure from cylinder at 80psi, carrier gas coloumn flow 3ml/min at 43psi pulse pressure and nitrogen as makeup gas with pressure 27ml/min...
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