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July 9, 2012



Finding Phasmids

Australian government ecologist Nicholas Carlile was often asked to review requests from outdoors climbers to visit the normally restricted island of Ball’s Pyramid off the nation’s east coast. An extremely narrow, 562-meter (1,844-foot) high spire of rock, it is the tallest sea stack in the world and a perfect challenge for ambitious climbers.

Some requests were made under the guise of looking for a phasmid, a stick insect the size of a human hand that went extinct from nearby Lord Howe Island in the early 20th century after a supply ship ran aground and released a swarm of hungry—and prolific—rats.

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Plenty of discussions are happening on LabWrench all the time. We have many questions come in daily from users that are seeking advice from fellow users and lab professionals. Can you help any of these users find the answers they are looking for?

Beckman Coulter DTX 800/880 Series software reinstall
Our multimode detection software recently encountered an error and the program will no longer load and needs to be reinstalled. Is the software available to download? Or will we need to seek a replacement CD?
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Compressor not working
Even after switching on the refrigerator compressor, it does not work. After the replacement of inter logic board, the compressor is still not working. The compressor does work if we give it a direct power supply of 220V. Please help me to solve this problem.
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Calibration Problem
My lab has the PB-11 pH meter, and I wanted to calibrate it once again today. Problem is, I messed up while doing it, and now it is off the line, thinking that the real pH calibration buffer 7 is 8, and that the real calibration buffer 10 is 12.
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CB series giving multiple problems
I have a CB 150, serial number 01-28848. It was recently serviced - we replaced a CO2 sensor - but now the n2 value exceeds the set value (it just shoots up). The valve was replaced as well but the value still exceeds set value. I am now suspecting the sensor but think its going to be expensive replacing it (already spent a fortune replacing the CO2 one). Is there a way of cleaning the sensor? or fixing it?
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AirClean Systems offers AirMax polypropylene total exhaust fume hoods
The AirMax fume hood with Wet Fume Scrubber system is a complete solution for protecting personnel from dangerous chemical exposure while also protecting ductwork and the environment by scrubbing acids and other water soluble gases from fume hood exhaust.
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Berthold Launches TriStar² Microplate Reader
TriStar² employs the new patent pending optical concept ALL-4-ONE, for the first time enabling luminescence, fluorescence and absorbance measurements with highest respective sensitivity as known from dedicated instruments. TriStar² is also capable of reading FRET, BRET and BRET².
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Syngene’s PXi High Performance Image Analysis System Provides Perfect Chemi Blots and Gel imaging
This powerful system is currently the best in its class for scientists that want a compact, one-click method for accurately imaging chemiluminescent and fluorescent blots, as well as 1-D gels (up to 10cm x 12 cm) stained with any type of fluorescent dye.
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Read and incubate your cells in parallel with Tecan’s enhanced Gas Control Module (GCM™)
Tecan has updated the patent pending Gas Control Module (GCM™) for the Infinite® 200 PRO multimode reader to offer simultaneous control of O2 and CO2 concentrations, providing rigorous environmental control for an even wider range of cell biology applications.
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Q: What’s so important about Minimum Weight?

A: Did you know that the accuracy of a balance is defined by its minimum sample weight value? Weighing below the certified minimum weight value can cause errors in your process at an exponential level!

Did you also know that the minimum weight of a balance will continuously change? The external influences on balances change constantly and therefore cause constant change of the stability and repeatability of the balance. For this purpose, we recommend that you establish a Safety Factor for your minimum weight to ensure your accuracy over time.

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Waters Corporation - The Science of What's Possible

We would like to take this opportunity to welcome Waters Corporation as one of Labwrench’s new advertisers. Waters Corporation is a publicly traded company which designs, manufactures, sells, and services analytical technologies which includes mass spectroscopy, liquid/super critical fluid chromatography, and thermal analysis.

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