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August 20, 2012



Our LabWrench team is on the hunt for forum moderators. We have so many questions coming in daily from users like yourself that are looking for assistance with problems they may be having with their lab equipment. Here at LabWrench our team does their best to make sure that those users are finding the answers they are looking for. As LabWrench grows, so does our Q&A forum and we are looking for your help! If you are an expert with a particular type of product and would like to help our LabWrench community, please contact us at

 Featured Product

AirClean Systems Independence™

Independence™ is a state-of-the-art ductless fume hood that incorporates over seventeen years of technical innovation and thousands of actual customer based applications.

Independence™ utilizes a new filtration system known as Silconazyne™. By combining two filtration technologies, Silconazyne™ allows for one gas phase filter that fits most gas phase applications.

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 Featured Article

Opinion: What Is the Human Genome?

The Human Genome project sequenced “the human genome” and is widely credited with setting in motion the most exciting era of fundamental new scientific discovery since Galileo. That’s remarkable, because in important ways “the human genome” that we have labeled as such doesn’t actually exist.

Plato essentially asserted that things like chairs and dogs, which we observe in this physical world, and even concepts like virtues, are but imperfect representations or instances of some ideal that exists, but not in the material world...

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 Featured Question and Discussions

Plenty of discussions are happening on LabWrench all the time. We have many questions come in daily from users that are seeking advice from fellow users and lab professionals. Can you help any of these users find the answers they are looking for?

6890 GC No Flow Detection
Had a power outage whilst running the GC during a thunderstorm . When I powered it back up could not detect any flow despite obvious flow to FID. All accessible fuses seemed ok. I suspect the EPCM board was damaged. I don't have service cover. How can I tell? Is there anything else it could be?
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LS 200 organic particles
Does the LS 200 measure the particle size of organic particles??
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I need a PC Interface Cable
I need the cable that is hooked to convert serial parallel card that is located behind the team and from there to the PC to capture readings. on the PC or if anyone knows the pin configuration of the cable to build and test it.
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Barcode Not reading
I have a MGC 240 that is not reading the barcodes. How do I fix this?
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Calibration Volumes
The manual specifies that 4 precision balls are to be used as high accuracy calibration standards. Our balls have not been calibrated since 09-23-1997. Where can I get only the 35 cm3 calibrated?
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 Ask The Expert

Brought to you by METTLER TOLEDO 

Q: I am moving my balance to a different lab. Will this mess up my calibrations?

A: Yes, during transportation, the alignment of the balance cell can shift and the calibration, eccentricity and linearity can be thrown out of specifications. This is why setting up and installing your balances by a trained professional is essential to the performance of your equipment.

Did you know that METTLER TOLEDO will pack, inspect, unpack and calibrate your balances during a move? Our factory-trained technicians are experts in balances and can help you out every step of your move.

Request more information here  or just email us at

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 Featured News

EMD Millipore Launches PureGenome™ Kits and Reagents for Fast and Efficient Preparation of Next Generation Sequencing Libraries
EMD Millipore, the Life Science division of Merck KGaA of Darmstadt, Germany, today launched PureGenome™ kits and reagents for rapid and efficient Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) sample preparation. With these reagent sets, library preparation has been streamlined to two steps in under two hours, followed by a short enrichment step, thus alleviating a typical bottleneck in the sequencing process.
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Stomacher® contributes to on-going cosmetic product safety campaign
Seward Limited has announced the application of its patented Stomacher paddle blender range in a newly developed analytical protocol for cosmetics product safety. Mercury in cosmetic products, such as face creams, has been illegal in the US and EU for many years, but its presence in imported products remains a potential problem.
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Bio-Rad Announces the Release of Version 9.5 of Its KnowItAll® Spectroscopy Software that Offers Significant New Database Additions
Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc., a multinational manufacturer and distributor of life science research and clinical diagnostic products, today announced the release of several new databases and version 9.5 of its award-winning KnowItAll® software.
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Alfa Wassermann Diagnostic Technologies' ACE Axcel System Applies Smart Technology to Enhance and Simplify Physician Office Diagnostics
Alfa Wassermann Diagnostic Technologies, LLC (AWDT), the market leader in clinical chemistry analyzers for the physician office laboratory, today announced the launch of its ACE Axcel(TM) Clinical Chemistry System. The next generation ACE Axcel is designed to meet the needs of physician office laboratories and is cleared by the US Food and Drug Administration specifically for use in physician office labs.
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 Featured App

Agilent Technologies MS Resource

Agilent MS Resource is a comprehensive warehouse of literature, video and apps for Agilent LC/MS, GC/MS, automation & high throughput solutions, and associated applications.

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Illumina MyGenome

MyGenome empowers you to explore a real human genome, find out about possible health implications, and view reports about important genetic variations. The MyGenome app provides a simple, intuitive and educational interface for genome exploration and learning.

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