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August 27, 2012



New Biorefinery Finds Treasure in Starbucks’ Spent Coffee Grounds and Stale Bakery Goods

With 1.3 billion tons of food trashed, dumped in landfills and otherwise wasted around the world every year, scientists today described development and successful laboratory testing of a new “biorefinery” intended to change food waste into a key ingredient for making plastics, laundry detergents and scores of other everyday products.

Their report on a project launched in cooperation with the Starbucks restaurant chain – concerned with sustainability and seeking a use for spent coffee grounds and stale bakery goods – came at the 244th National Meeting & Exposition of the American Chemical Society. Thousands of scientists and others are here this week for the meeting of the world’s largest scientific society, which features almost 8,600 reports on new discoveries in science.

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NE-300 Just Infusion™ Syringe Pump

The NE-300 Just Infusion Syringe Pump at the Unbelievable Price of $275.00. Infuses Only! Has just the features that you want and none that you don’t want to pay for. 3 Easy Steps. Set the syringe diameter, set the infusion rate and start the pump.

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 Featured Question and Discussions

Plenty of discussions are happening on LabWrench all the time. We have many questions come in daily from users that are seeking advice from fellow users and lab professionals. Can you help any of these users find the answers they are looking for?

How to adjust the lamp
Why are there four meters and how to adjust the lamp?
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Research Scientist
We have an Agilent Technologies 1200 series and after servicing the nitrogen generator, the nitrogen generator can not reset. What could be the problem?
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Flame goes out after a minute of use
When we are running the machine, the flame goes out randomly (usually less than 2 minutes). We are using air and acetylene only. The flame looks fine and all the interlocks are good even after the flame goes out...
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Max Incubator Temp
Per literature, the dessicator is rated for room temp. What is the max. temp. possible in incubator before the polycarbonate plastic is damaged, please?
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Mettler Toledo pH Lab Sensor Product Guide App

Introducing the new pH Lab Sensor ProductGuide for your iPad. Selecting the right pH, conductivity, or dissolved oxygen sensor has never been easier.

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Illumina SeqMonitor App

SeqMonitor is a simple but powerful application that allows you to interactively monitor your sequencing runs from Illumina's HiSeq 2000 sequencers.

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 Featured News

Tecan’s new QC Kit for Freedom EVO® workstations released
Tecan has launched the QC Kit, a total solution for liquid handling performance verification testing on Freedom EVO® workstations. Created in collaboration with Artel – the worldwide leader in liquid handling quality assurance – the QC Kit incorporates Artel’s proprietary Ratiometric Photometry™ technology within the Freedom EVO system.
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Masterflex® B/T® Fixed-Speed Pumps from Cole-Parmer Now with Enhanced Flow Rates
Masterflex B/T pumps from Cole-Parmer are known for their high flow rates and rugged dependability. With powerful motors, they are the ideal choice for transferring viscous or shear-sensitive materials. Now, the Masterflex B/T Fixed-Speed Pumps offer flow rates up to 42 LPM (11.1 GPM) when used with B/T pump tubing.
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High Energy Pulser Combines Short Pulse, High Voltage Coupled Energy
Diversified Technologies’ High Energy Pulser is an all solid-state unit which incorporates magnetic pulse compression that provides 17 ns rise times and a pulse rate of 8 kHz with the ability to generate up to 50 mJ per pulse at voltages to 50 kV. Suitable for adaptation to various atmospheric plasma applications, this high energy pulser fits into a standard 19” rack.
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GE Healthcare launches ÄKTA™ pure, a new modular chromatography system for protein purification
GE Healthcare, the healthcare business of GE announced today the launch of ÄKTA™ pure, a chromatography system for flexible, reliable and intuitive purification of proteins. ÄKTA pure, the latest addition to the industry-leading ÄKTA range of chromatography systems, is an easy-to-use modular system that offers the flexibility to support both routine and challenging purification requirements, as well as being adaptable to changing research needs.
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