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September 4, 2012



George Washington University Computational Biology Director Solves 200-Year-Old Oceanic Mystery

WASHINGTON — The origin of Cerataspis monstrosa has been a mystery as deep as the ocean waters it hails from for more than 180 years. For nearly two centuries, researchers have tried to track down the larva that has shown up in the guts of other fish over time but found no adult counterpart. Until now.

George Washington University Biology Professor Keith Crandall cracked the code to the elusive crustacean’s DNA this summer. His findings were recently published in the journal “Ecology and Evolution,” and his research was funded by the National Science Foundation and the Gulf of Mexico Research Initiative. In it, Dr. Crandall, the senior author of the paper, explains how “monster larva” and the deep-water aristeid shrimp known as Plesiopenaeus armatus are one in the same: larvae and adult forms of the same species.

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 Featured Product

Buck Scientific 205AAS

The Buck Scientific 205 AAS uses a unique burner system to get more sample to the flame, which results in more signal and better sensitivity. We use an impact bead nebulizer to get an efficient generation of a fine aerosol of sample solution. The short path spray chamber permits difficult solutions containing organics or high dissolved solids to be aspirated with superb precision and minimal instabilities.

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 Featured Question and Discussions

Plenty of discussions are happening on LabWrench all the time. We have many questions come in daily from users that are seeking advice from fellow users and lab professionals. Can you help any of these users find the answers they are looking for?

Strange display reading
The instrument has frozen on rpm 1.0, and the right screen reads SPd, and switches to reading Acc whenever a button is pressed. Tried turning it off/on, pressing and holding the stop button. Do you think there is something wrong with the display? I have 4 samples stuck inside.
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Valve below seal failure
While performing diodnostic tests, I'm getting a below seal failure in the valve and also compression test failures for an Alliance 2695.
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EFC Type 11 FID Varian GC 3900
Varian GC 3900 displays signal "Detector EFC maximum flow exceeded". Flow of only makeup gas is high (104ml/min actual against 27ml/min set) and EFC shuts off flow all gases (Nitrogen i.e. makeup, Hydrogen and air) to zero after about 30 seconds and blows makeup gas from flame tip. I try to autocalibrate but it does not work because of zero flow after a few seconds. Can any one help me to diagnose and rectify the problem? From where should I get a service manual for troubleshooting the problem?
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BC-3200 not working
I am a biomedical engineer in Saudiarabia and I have a new BC3200. When I run it, it shows errors for the rotation motor and also an elevator motor error.
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 Featured App

Thermo Fisher Scientific Auto Tips App

The Thermo Scientific Automation Tip App is a quick and easy way to find the best products for your automated liquid handling instrument. Simply select the criteria that meet your needs and the app will identify the most suitable automation pipette tip, along with its part number and description.

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EMD Millipore Histone Modifications App

Download the Histone Modifications App for ready access to the biological significance and epigenetic implications of core histone amino acid modifications.

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 Featured News

Thermo Fisher Scientific Launches Free-Standing Heating and Drying Ovens for Large Samples or High Sample Quantities
The new products complete the range of Heratherm® ovens by adding two more sizes for high sample volume or larger samples: 400- and 750-liter capacity. Designed with efficiency in mind, the units use significantly less energy to operate (up to 23 percent less) than previous models. For convenience, all models connect to a 240V circuit with standard Nema 6-20 plug – no need for hardwiring.
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Queensgate to launch Dual Sensor Technology™ at emc2012
Queensgate Instruments – an Elektron Technology brand – is to unveil its revolutionary new Dual Sensor Technology at this year’s European Microscopy Congress (emc2012) from the 16th to 21st of September in Manchester.
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Refrigerated/Heated Circulating Bath is Ideal for Accelerated Beverage Aging Studies
A large capacity circulating bath designed to replicate the temperature fluctuations associated with beverage packaging, transportation, and storage is now available from PolyScience. Ideal for performing accelerated aging studies, the PolyScience 75 Liter Refrigerated Circulating Bath features a -20° to +100°C working temperature range, ±0.005°C temperature stability, and 1.8 cu.ft reservoir.
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Sierra’s New Cryogenic InnovaMass® Vortex Flow Meter Offers Advanced Liquid Gas Measurement
The new InnovaMass cryogenic version has undergone extensive testing and field validation over the last several years, proving that the meter is preferred versus traditional turbine meters for measuring mass flow rates of cryogenic fluids down to -330°F (-200°C). Using a special cryogenic temperature RTD, mass calculations are done with the latest density equations of state for liquid oxygen, nitrogen, argon and carbon dioxide.
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