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October 1, 2012



How to Run an Efficient and Creative Lab...

Even though he had just landed a grant for an exciting new project to study why and when people fail to monitor their progress towards a goal, University of Sheffield social psychologist Thomas Webb was a little stressed. “It’s only me and the two postdocs, and I knew it would come down to my management style,” at least as far as getting the work done. So he set up weekly meetings, in which the group outlined the tasks that needed to be performed and set deadlines for each task.

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 Featured Product

DeltaNu Advantage 785

The Advantage 785 is our most popular NIR system. Fluorescence usually stems from minor impurities that absorb the laser excitation and emit at the same wavelengths as Raman scattering. This system greatly reduces or eliminates competing fluorescence found in samples using visible excitation. The Advantage 785 comes with a library of over 1200 materials. (808 nm also available)

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 Featured Question and Discussions

Plenty of discussions are happening on LabWrench all the time. We have many questions come in daily from users that are seeking advice from fellow users and lab professionals. Can you help any of these users find the answers they are looking for?

Shimadzu SSI FTIR-8400S
Hello, I have a FTIR - 8400S. when I followed the steps necessary to obtain a spectrum of energy I got an energy lower than the norm (10%) to 4600 cm-1. and appearance
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How to re-set battery alarm signal
We have replaced the battery. But, the "battery replacement" signal is still on. Can you tell us how to turn off the signal?
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Room temperature
I have a 3100 Genetic Analyzer in a room with controlled temperature at 25 Celsius degrees but during the nights and weekends turns off the air conditioning and the tempearture rises above the 30 celsius degrees. This affect the laser?
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Ceramic insulator inside oven
Hello, I have an Agilent 7890A GC. I removed the oven shroud inside the oven. When I did so a ceramic insulator that connects to the wire on the heating source broke. I called Agilent and they are not sure if they sell them seperately. I am curious if you have the parts I am looking for?
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 Featured Apps

Sigma-Aldrich The Aldrich Handbook of Fine Chemicals App

The Aldrich Handbook dates back to 1951, when it was a single page document featuring 1-methyl-3-nitro-1-nitrosoguanidine (MNNG), a Diazomethane precursor, as its first product. Sixty years later, we are pleased to introduce the first iPad version of our catalog, featuring an expanded list of over 47,000 chemical products, extensive chemical and physical data, and nearly 37,000 chemical structures.

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Life Technologies Life Technologies Protocols App

The Life Technologies Protocols App provides quick, convenient access to popular Applied Biosystems or Invitrogen product protocols. Each protocol is presented with concise step-by-step instructions, along with easy access to the complete product manual.

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 Featured News

Fresh thinking for micro-volume measurement. Launch of new cuvette and UV/Vis spectrophotometers for life science laboratories
BioDrop UV/Vis spectrophotometers are available in a range of configurations to suit the applications of every scientist. BioDrop µLite offers a unique in-built sampling port for quick and accurate measurements down to 0.5 µL sample volume. With no moving parts, this technology delivers exceptional pathlength accuracy and therefore measurement accuracy.
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Malvern’s new Zetasizer Nano ZSP delivers fast, high sensitivity protein characterization for multiple applications
The new Zetasizer Nano ZSP from Malvern Instruments is a high specification dynamic light scattering system that delivers unique protein characterization capabilities in a single, easy to use instrument. This top-of-the-range addition to Malvern’s established Zetasizer Nano family enables highly sensitive measurement of zeta potential, for rapid, reliable measurement of the electrophoretic mobility of proteins, and subsequent calculation of the key parameter of protein charge.
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Compact 1.5 HP Recirculating Chiller Offers Wide Range of Performance Options
A compact, economical recirculating chiller designed to provide reliable heat removal for lasers and other precision laboratory equipment is now available from PolyScience. Capable of maintaining process temperatures from 41° to 95°F (5° to 35°C), the Durachill™ 1.5 HP Chiller provides up to 6328 watts of cooling at 68°F (20°C) ambient and is available with a built-in heater for use with equipment that must be brought up to elevated temperatures before operation can begin.
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Intrinsically safe lab-scale viscometer now available
Designed primarily for use in reaction vessels of virtually any capacity, the ReactaVisc has a compact enclosure which leaves plenty of room for connections to other apparatus or ancillary equipment, e.g. for stirring or reagent addition. The instrument incorporates an integral thermometer, enabling simultaneous temperature monitoring and referenced viscosity calculation without the need for a separate probe.
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