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October 15, 2012



Perspective On: A Mobile Lab

Born of the anthrax mailing scare of 2002, the mobile lab in the hazardous materials section of the Cleveland Fire Department in Ohio deals with public health risks and the identification of unknown, potentially dangerous substances in the region. In early 2000, that meant going after white powders that could be anthrax.

“Going back to approximately 2002, when we started chasing all the white powders and there were a lot of unknowns, we decided [on] a better way, a better mousetrap if you will, of trying to find unknowns,” said Lieutenant Terry Bindernagel of the department’s hazardous materials section about how the lab got its start.

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 Featured Product

New Eclipse™ Steel Casework for Laboratories

The Eclipse™ series of casework, reagent racks and wall mounted cabinetry provide the building blocks to easily and systematically furnish any modern lab. Eclipse™ series brings versatility, ease of future expansion and reconfiguration, storage, mobility, strength and stability, with full accessibility to mechanical, plumbing and electrical components. Our decades of experience have gone into making Eclipse™ series the most fully functional, durable, and easiest to deploy lab furnishings available today.

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Brand New Flowcell without Costly Replacement

Many Flowcells in use today are permanent glass Flowcells that cannot be refurbished or repaired and in fact have tendencies to break as they age and as they are handled by operators.

The OI Analytical/Alpkem Photometric Flowcell design allows for it to be completely disassembled, cleaned and the flow path to be polished just like new. With new windows and gaskets you have a new flowcell without a costly replacement of the entire flowcell.

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 Featured Question and Discussions

Plenty of discussions are happening on LabWrench all the time. We have many questions come in daily from users that are seeking advice from fellow users and lab professionals. Can you help any of these users find the answers they are looking for?

Cary 500 support
I need a power supply board for a cary 500. Is there anyone who does service on these machines?
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Technical problem
I had a clinical 50 centrifuge from vwr. Right now, it makes a loud noise (like storm-windy sound). Could you please tell me what problem i have? maybe something's wrong with the motor?
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Interfacing to a computer
We have the cable and the computer software but the software says that the IR needs version 14 firmware and our IR says it has version 12 firmware. Any ideas as to where and how we can update our firmware or is there a work around for this issue?
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DNA quantification
Hi, We bought a SPEKOL 1500 and need to use it to measure nucleic acid concentration. I need a curvettee to use, could you please advise me?
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 Featured News

Run Four Types of Titration at the Same Time
JM Science’s new Potentiometric Titrator (COM-1700) can run four titrations and stirrers that easily allow end user to do different types of titration including potentiometric, photometric, polarization, and conductometric titrations in parallel at the same time!
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Airclean Systems Launches New Patriot Ductless Fume Hoods.
AirClean Systems, the North American leader in ductless containment since 1992, announces the introduction of its newest product line: Patriot Ductless Fume Hoods. Patriot ductless hoods incorporate much of the advanced technology of AirClean’s Independence fume hood with the cost effective backbone of AirClean’s AC4000 folding and sliding-sash ductless fume hoods.
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New WelchNet Titan Oil-Free Vacuum Systems
The Titan is mounted on a mobile base frame which is easily positioned for adaptation to existing plumbing. Titan-4 and Titan-6 are systems utilizing 4 or 6 PTFE diaphragm pumps to provide efficient vacuum on demand for up to 30 separate users.
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Micromeritics New 3Flex - Versatile High-Throughput Surface Characterization
Micromeritics 3Flex Surface Characterization Analyzer is a fully automated, three-station instrument capable of high-throughput surface area, mesopore, and micropore analyses with superior accuracy, resolution, and data reduction.
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Agilent Technologies GC Calculator

Calculate the possibilities! Fast and easy GC pressure and flow calculations at your fingertips.

This portable version of the GC pressure/flow calculator can be used to instantly and accurately determine pressures and flows through open tubular capillary columns. The GC Calculator is a fast and simple way to:

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Waters Part Selector

A suite of easy to use product finders for Waters consumables in a convenient selector format. This version now features an Interactive Selectivity Chart to help streamline your column selection process.

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