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November 26, 2012



Pushing Design Boundaries

The past 20 years have seen an explosion in laboratory construction as academic, pharmaceutical, biotech, and high-tech companies have increased the level of research and development in their respective fields. The design of these laboratories has evolved dramatically as architects and engineers have responded to the growing requirements of the research community. Here are five trends in laboratory planning and design that will impact every research facility.

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 Featured Product

Weekly online auctions

GoIndustry DoveBid will be conducting weekly online auctions of state-of-the-art biotech lab, research & development, and pharmaceutical manufacturing equipment from the world’s leading producers. These auctions will include surplus assets that are no longer required to their ongoing operations from Pfizer, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Eli Lilly, and many more.

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BINDER Ultra-low Temperature Freezers Offer Ultimate Sample Security

BINDER UF V with ULTRA.GUARD™ technology combine operational safety, ease of use, monitored access and low noise levels to produce the secure long-term sample storage at temperatures to -86°C. Streamlined vacuum insulation panels maximize storage space while minimizing footprint. Two-stage cascade refrigeration system uses non-flammable CFC-free refrigerant.

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 Featured Question and Discussions

Plenty of discussions are happening on LabWrench all the time. We have many questions come in daily from users that are seeking advice from fellow users and lab professionals. Can you help any of these users find the answers they are looking for?

Tank Full message when it's really empty
I have a Direct Q 5 and after replacing the cartridges and getting water for a few days I am now getting a "Tank Full" message when the tank is empty. I have checked the float inside the tank and it is not stuck (it's at the bottom of the "sensor") and if I unplug the "jack" from the back of the millipore system I get water, plug the "jack back in and I get the "Tank Full" message, any suggestions?
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Entering sample information
When entering prep data, what value goes in the (Intial sample Quantity (mg)) for liquid samples?
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Initial set-up
I am looking for the UV Winlab software that is compatible with this unit. PKN no longer has, nor supports, the product. I believe the last version for the unit was V 2.60, but the tech was not absolutely positive. Anyone with AA100 relics that can offer assistance or guidance?
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Varian AA240FS Troubleshoot
I'm actually troubleshooting the Varian AA 240FS. well, I'm using SpectrAA V5 to communicate with the varian instrument. But, I'm getting this error message that says: 'W5127: instrument type selected in the worksheet does not match the available instrument. please update the worksheet to use the available instrument." Is there any way I can fix this type of problem? I will be really gratiful to anyone who can help me in this matter.
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Portable Thermal Imaging Cameras for Scientific R&D
Delivering the highest sensitivity and most advanced features available on a portable thermal imaging camera - the FLIR SC650 / SC450 packs offer users the no-compromise flexibility of an R&D grade camera they can take from experiment to experiment.
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Agilent Technologies Introduces Highly Sensitive Evaporative Light-Scattering Detectors
Agilent Technologies Inc. announced two new products—the 1290 Infinity Evaporative Light-Scattering Detector and the 1260 Infinity Evaporative Light-Scattering Detector—that provide up to 9x higher sensitivity, better efficiency and greater reproducibility than any currently available ELSD.
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Automation to Solve Sample Lysis Bottleneck for Molecular Biology Labs
Hamilton Robotics is launching the Microlab AutoLys STAR workstation, which automates sample lysis and DNA extraction. This innovative instrument improves bottlenecks for forensic scientists and other molecular biologists isolating nucleic acids from samples.
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Malvern’s complementary detector arrays boost GPC/SEC productivity
Malvern Instruments’ detector range for gel permeation/size exclusion chromatography (GPC/SEC) now includes the Zetasizer µV, a versatile size and molecular weight detector that can be added to any system to boost experimental productivity by maximizing information flow from a single experiment.
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