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December 10, 2012



Managing Export Control Compliance in the Biotechnology Industry

Many companies have systems to deal with the alphabet soup of agencies and regulations that govern the handling and transfer of products and technology in the U.S. Yet few biotechnology companies have the compliance systems necessary to handle export control risks involved in their international operations.

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 Featured Product

Brookfield’s R/S Rheometer Tests Rate/Stress of Coatings for Quality Control

R/S Rheometer offers both controlled rate and controlled stress measurement. Available with cone/plate, plate/plate, or coaxial cylinder measurement geometry, the R/S Rheometer offers powerful flow characterization tools including ramp, loop, and single point testing. A wide range of shear rate, shear stress and torque provide flexible flow analysis including creep and yield measurement. The R/S Rheometer is designed to accommodate the high throughout required of quality control laboratories. It also offers the sophisticated flexibility required of research environments. The R/S Rheometer provides cost-effective worry-free operation for a variety of laboratory applications.

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 Featured Question and Discussions

Plenty of discussions are happening on LabWrench all the time. We have many questions come in daily from users that are seeking advice from fellow users and lab professionals. Can you help any of these users find the answers they are looking for?

Is a Leica DMIRB suitable for teaching petrographic polarizing microscopy?
We have acquired a secondhand Leica DMIRB Type 090-132.102 inverted microscope. Has any one used one of these for petrographic polarized light microscopy? We don't need to do anything fancy, we are an educational institution for high school students. We just need to show the changes in the view of thin sections as the polarized filter is rotated. Genuine petrographic microscopes have non-polarizing optical elements. How well does this instrument compare?
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Tali calibration protocol
We are having a problem with our Tali. In a simple methodology for counting dead cells, we are having a big difference betwen traditional trypan counting and Tali Green Dead Cells kit. Are there some calibration hint that we can perform?
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CO2 Detection Problem
We recently purchased this CO2 incubator, model 3074. A problem that I faced yesterday is that the incubator suddenly started displaying the level of CO2 as -5% with a low CO2 alarm. Thinking that may be its time to replace the CO2 cylinder, I checked the cylinder for the amount of gas remaining in the cylinder. It was approx. 80% full. Also, it was back to normal CO2 level, i.e. 5% after 3-4 hours. Again when I opened the door of the incubator, the level went down to -5%, which again got normal after 3-4 hours. I am not able to figure out what the problem is. Is it something related to the CO2 sensor or what? Please help me out with the best possible solution.
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Weighted decay and charge transfer calculation with pclamp
I would like to know how to calculate the weighted decay and charge transfer of IPSCs using pclamp.
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 Featured News

New GC/MS software makes compound detection and identification a faster, simpler and more accurate process
TargetView delivers rapid screening of chromatograms against compound libraries, and provides the analyst with the capability to quickly and easily create bespoke spectral libraries. In addition to this, a new batch-processing option now allows multiple files to be screened against a single library, saving a considerable amount of time for the analyst.
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Hamilton’s Microlab 300 Redefines Hand-Held Pipetting
Hamilton Company’s Laboratory and Sensor Products Division introduces the Microlab 300 Series Pipettor, the industry’s first guided pipetting system. The product is designed to bring the assurance of an automated liquid handling system into the hands of the laboratory technician at a low cost and without complex programming.
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Boekel Announces the “NEW” UV Crosslinker AH
Boekel Scientific is proud to introduce the new UV Crosslinker AH, adjustable height, UV curing chamber to the laboratory research environment. The Boekel engineering team has developed a ground breaking new device that enables operators to use the device at different internal heights to enhance the crosslinking effect or detail the amount/distance required for a controlled reaction.
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BioTek Dispensers Reach Nanoliter Levels
In response to increased assay miniaturization and low-volume dispensing applications, BioTek announces new lower limits for their microplate-based instruments with installed peristaltic pumps. BioTek's EL406™ Microplate Washer Dispensers and MultiFlo™ Microplate Dispensers are capable of dispensing down to 500 nL via their respective peri-pump dispensing modes.
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