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January 7, 2013



Optimizing Laboratory Operations: Asset Utilization Monitoring Captures the Data Necessary to Improve Instrument Uptime and Lab Productivity

To optimize lab operations, several questions must first be answered. How can you adjust service levels based on usage? How can you trigger preventive actions prior to failure? How effective are you at utilizing your assets? These questions can be easily answered by implementing an asset utilization monitoring solution. Such a solution provides laboratories with knowledge of how instruments are used throughout the laboratory, and can significantly help labs optimize operations, drive cost savings, and improve productivity. It also empowers lab managers to make smart operational decisions based on real instrument and equipment usage information.

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 Featured Product

PerkinElmer STA 8000

The STA 8000 simultaneous thermal analyzer offers performance, reliability and productivity you can depend on. Designed with routine and research applications in mind, the STA 8000 simultaneous thermal analyzer applies advanced innovative sensor technology and efficient design to yield high accuracy and precise results.

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 Featured Question and Discussions

Plenty of discussions are happening on LabWrench all the time. We have many questions come in daily from users that are seeking advice from fellow users and lab professionals. Can you help any of these users find the answers they are looking for?

Lifespan ABI 3130 laser
I would like to know the lifespan of laser in ABI 3130 genetic analyser. We have an instrument and the laser has died after three years.
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Connecting a shimadzu rf detector to galaxy software
No connection for installing a detector to read signal output of a detector. Need a a/d converter or other such device to connect to software. Currently only a ribbon cable with serval serial connections is on the hplc. no place for raw signal to be connected. Need a way to connect signal to software
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Cell Dyn Ruby BiDirectional Support
I am working on making the Cell Dyn Ruby bi directional. The issue I am not finding any support from the internet how to get it work. I have written some code but which could be provided if someone is interested. The machine is working perfectly in uni directional communication i-e machine is sending data correctly to the host machine but the problem as I send the order request entry to the machine It didn't reply. Any help from any one would be highly appreciated.
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Stand by message, keyboard not work and the system not work
When the system is power on, it begin with the first cycle and then it stay on standby message. we try to use the sandby-operate key but it not work.
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 Wednesday January 23, 2013
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 Featured News

Labnet International announces the Hermle Z306 bench top centrifuge

The small, multipurpose laboratory centrifuge offers a wide range of applications, which covers clinical laboratory, research, as well as industrial laboratory use. The Z 306 offers many accessories, including rotors for microplates and high speed fixed angle rotors for reaction vessels or centrifuge tubes up to 50 ml.
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Small Footprint, Modular Raman Spectrometer from Ocean Optics
Ocean Optics has introduced the Apex 785 Raman Spectrometer – the first in the Elite Series of high-performance spectrometers, light sources and accessories. Apex is a modular, small-footprint spectrometer that rivals bench-top instruments. Apex provides maximum resolution and exceptional sensitivity that combine to create superior performance.
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Modular Flow Reactor Systems Broaden Synthesis Capabilities
Uniqsis developed the original two-channel FlowSyn™ flow reactor system as a fully integrated ‘one box’ solution to make the emerging technology of continuous flow chemistry easily accessible to anyone with an interest in exploring and exploiting this exciting field of research. This system, which handles simple homogeneous and heterogeneous reactions at the push of a button, represents an easy, hassle-free entry into continuous flow chemistry.
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Thermo Scientific Syncronis HPLC Columns Now Available With 3 Micron Particles
Syncronis columns are built on a backbone of highly pure, high surface area silica. Dense bonding and double endcapping minimize variation due to silanol activity. Enhanced automated column packing methods drive consistency even further, and each column is individually tested.
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