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February 25, 2013



Last Week For Your Chance To Win An iPod

Ok LabWrench members, it's that time! We are in our last week of February which means it is your last week to "Join 5 In February"! Join 5 LabWrench communities of your choice before the end of February and you will automatically be entered into a draw to win an iPod.

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 Featured Product

ELGA provides an innovation solution for your ultra-pure water needs

The PURELAB flex combines ease of use with the accurate delivery of pure and ultra-pure water from a single system.

  • Tap to ultrapure water
  • Absolute water purity up to 18.2 M?-cm
  • Ergonomic handset shows your essential water purity information
  • Real Time TOC monitoring
  • Unique choice of water dispense options

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 LabWrench Survey

LabWrench is conducting a brief survey. We are asking all of our LabWrench newsletter subscribers and avid LabWrench users to participate because of your involvement in the laboratory equipment industry.

Your input will help us not only to better determine our direction for 2013, but it will also give us valuable insight on what additional resources, information, and services we should offer on LabWrench. All LabWrench newsletter subscribers and/or registered LabWrench users that complete the survey will be entered to win a a $75 gift card from

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 Featured Question and Discussions

Plenty of discussions are happening on LabWrench all the time. We have many questions come in daily from users that are seeking advice from fellow users and lab professionals. Can you help any of these users find the answers they are looking for?

Metrohm 907 Titrando
Can this be used in conjunction with a pH meter probe combo such as a beckman coulter vstar or a metrohm 780 ph meter? Thanks.
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Low number of droplets
We did our first run and got a very low number of droplets (300-15% of max yield), how we troubleshoot this problem, and is there a calibration procedure?
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Calibration/ Control
How often do we need calibration of equipment, and special precautions for controls?
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Display Problem
I have some problem with Thermo Scientific Titrator 950. Except only dots, nothing is displayed on the 950 display. I think there some EPROM problem but not sure. Could any one please help me in this regard. Also i need the service manual of the 950.
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 Featured Article

Green Lab Design : Mostly About Air

Since energy and natural resource consumption are huge components of a lab’s operating expenses, no lab design today ignores “green” issues.

Higher education is a robust market for lab design, but academic labs are challenging for designers because of their high energy usage. “On average, 40 percent of all energy consumed at a university goes to research laboratories,” says Chuck McKinney, marketing VP at Aircuity (Newton, MA).

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 Featured News

Designing for Success: Expert Guidance on Weigh Module Integration
METTLER TOLEDO has issued a handbook providing expert advice on the design and application of load cells and weigh modules for tanks, silos, vessels, hoppers and conveyors. The document covers the fundamentals of designing, building and installing customized solutions, which will help in making informed decisions regarding the integration of weigh modules.
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Untreated Microplates for Growing Cells in Suspension
Untreated polystyrene plates are the lab tool of choice for growing embryoid bodies and other cells where cell attachment needs to be reduced or avoided. Natural, unmodified polystyrene surfaces are hydrophobic and only bind cells and biomolecules through passive hydrophobic interactions.
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LECO to Host Webinar on Dioxin Analysis Using High Resolution GC-TOFMS and GCxGC-TOFMS
On Thursday, March 7 at 10 am EST (1600 hours CET), LECO Corporation will hold a complimentary e-seminar titled The Truth About Dioxin Analysis: Using High Resolution GC-TOFMS and GCxGC-TOFMS to Uncover the Pollutants Ignored by Targeted Analytical Approaches.
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High-Pressure Chemical Reactors
Supercritical Fluid Technologies has introduced a line of stirred reactors for high-pressure chemistry. The HPR-Series reactors are designed for researchers performing pressurized chemical reactions in their laboratories and are suitable for a range of laboratory- and research-scale applications.
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