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March 18, 2013


 Product News and Resources

Shakers: Customization, Shrinking Size, and Other Features Open New Applications
Assays from academics to industry require shakers. In the life sciences, for example, Ira Augenzucker, product line manager at Labnet International, a Corning Life Sciences company in Edison, NJ, says, “The new uses of shakers basically mimic what you see in the industry, which is an increase in the use of genomics.” He adds, “Shakers are used in almost every application in some fashion.” For example, he points out the wide use of shakers in cell culture work. Learn more

How It Works: A Rinse Station
Cleaning and rinsing lab and process carboys and containers by hand inevitably leads to problems with cross-contamination. Hard-to-reach areas in carboys, like the bottoms and necks, and around the tops of other vessels can be difficult to get at with hoses and brushes and leave harmful contaminants in place. Learn more

Glove Boxes: Specific Applications Require Particular Features
A glove box consists of a sealed box with the inside accessible only by gloves. “Although their use is getting broader all the time,” says Laura Geenen, product manager at Bel-Arts Products (Wayne, NJ), “they are really used for two basic ideas: Protect what you work on from the environment, such as an analytic balance on a production floor, or protect you from what you work on, such as a virus.” Learn more

 Featured Product

LECO 628 Series – Carbon/Hydrogen/Nitrogen/Sulfur/Oxygen Analysis

Achieve fast results in organic samples such as food, fuels, soil, and plant tissue with the 628 Series. Choose the configuration that fits your needs—nitrogen/protein, carbon/nitrogen, or carbon/hydrogen/nitrogen. Optional add-ons include a NEW micro oxygen module, sulfur module, and both solid and liquid autosamplers.

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Raman Spectral Surface Mapping™

CRAIC Technologies introduces Spectral Surface Mapping™ which allows automatic spectral mapping with microscopic spatial resolution. 3D maps can be generated for Raman spectra and UV-Visible-NIR Microspectra™ quickly, easily and automatically.

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 Featured Question and Discussions

Plenty of discussions are happening on LabWrench all the time. We have many questions come in daily from users that are seeking advice from fellow users and lab professionals. Can you help any of these users find the answers they are looking for?

Video display terminal
The video display terminal is starting to lose brightness. I want to replace it - the model is Link Technologies Model MC-70. What are my options? View this discussion

Broken hematocrit tubes
We are having trouble with the hematocrit tubes breaking in the silver holders. Do you recommend a certain brand of tubes? Can you tell us how to remove the broken piece from the silver holder? Any other suggestions? Provide an answer

Low Recovery for Water Standards
We purchased this instrument around 2 years ago, as of recently we have been getting consistantly low recoveries for our water standards. I am concerned that we are losing it in the transfer line, what are the possible causes? We are only recovering around 95% of the standard value. View this discussion

Error 200
Please my Reflotron plus is giving error 200: motor overload, no 12V. Please what do I do? Provide an answer

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 Featured Sponsors

Thank you to JULABO for sponsoring the Lab Baths category on LabWrench

JULABO is a manufacturer of liquid temperature control systems for research, science, laboratories, pilot plants, and industrial processes. Since its founding in 1967, JULABO has been a driving force in the development of instruments for liquid-based temperature control. The company offers an extensive range of solutions covering a temperature range of -95 to +400 °C. JULABO’s product line includes temperature-control instruments for a wide range of applications with an extensive selection of features and capabilities.

Visit their website to learn more about their products

Thank you CRAIC Technologies for sponsoring the Microspectrometers category on LabWrench.

CRAIC Technologies, Inc. is a global technology leader focused on innovations for microscopy and microspectroscopy in the ultraviolet, visible and near-infrared regions. CRAIC Technologies creates cutting-edge solutions, with the very best in customer support, by listening to our customers and implementing solutions that integrate operational excellence and technology expertise. CRAIC Technologies provides answers for customers in forensic sciences, biotechnology, semiconductor, geology, nanotechnology and materials science markets who demand quality, accuracy, precision, speed and the best in customer support.

Visit their website to learn more about their products.

 Featured News

Now available: the next generation of overhead stirrers from IKA®
The overall design of the Eurostar digital and control versions remain similar. However, the new online update function, which is only available on the control versions, allows for the unit to be updated with the latest software via internet. In addition, the control versions also have a torque display, a TFT display screen, an integrated socket for connecting a temperature sensor and both RS-232 and USB interfaces. Read more

NEW 24-well RAFT Kit for Realistic 3D Cell Culture Models for Toxicology Research
TAP Biosystems, a leading supplier of innovative cell culture systems and consumables for life science applications will be unveiling its latest development in 3D cell culture, the RAFT™ 24 well Kit on Booth #1159 at the Society of Toxicology (SOT) Meeting. The kit can produce realistic, reproducible single or multiple 3D cell cultures in physiologically relevant collagen scaffolds and could improve the results of a range of cell based assay models including those suitable for in-vitro toxicology models. Read more

Laboratory Scale Freeze Dryers with CIP
Millrock Technology is proud to offer the most sophisticated laboratory freeze dryers, our Revo® and Magnum® Series, with an all new Clean In Place (CIP) option for use in your lab. This flexible system gives you the option to perform a basic rise to remove residue material or a full, multi-stage cleaning cycle using detergent, rinses and even hot air drying phases. Read more

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