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May 13, 2013


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Homogenizers: Multitude of Methods for Extraction From Non-Liquid Samples
Homogenization seeks to create samples in which analytes of interest are dispersed uniformly throughout. Numerous technologies can achieve this, including pressure, mechanical (rotorstator or blade-type), and bead-beating. “Depending on the application, one approach may be more appropriate than others,” notes Holly Yacko Archibald, sales director at PRO Scientific (Oxford, CT). Learn more

HPLC Systems: Employment Trends, Modularity, UHPLC, and New Life for Liquid CO2
Many labs today face downsizing, a trend that began before the economic downturn of 2008. “Employers are more likely to retain analytical scientists who can not only press buttons and achieve the appropriate results, but who can also quickly perform unaided troubleshooting, develop methods, and generate consistently reliable data,” says Ade Kujore, marketing specialist at Cecil Instruments (Cambridge, UK). Learn more

It’s Not Only About Throughput
Automated liquid handling (ALH) grew from the highthroughput needs of medical diagnostic labs in the late 1980s through the 1990s and then received an additional boost from genomic sequencing. As it evolved from a specialized, expert-driven instrument system to a generalized laboratory workstation, ALH has become more accessible to more workers in more labs. Learn more

 Featured Product

Lab Equipment at your Fingertips!

Pace Analytical's eQuip website is your new online source for used lab equipment. Pacelabs eQuip focuses on refurbished chromatography, inorganic & dissolution instrumentation as well as ready-to-ship general laboratory equipment, including balances, centrifuges, mixers, pH meters, pharmaceutical test equipment and more. Plus: Lab Equipment Auctions posted weekly.

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Heidolph Radleys Findenser- Air Condenser

A Greener alternative to Water Condensers

The super air Findenser comprises of an internal vigreux condenser and an external, finned aluminum jacket, between which a small amount of water is permanently sealed. Not only are you receiving excellent heat transfer but also removing the need for water cooling. This system can be used for 95% off all common chemistry applications.

  • For solvent volumes up to 1L
  • Patented design
  • Save money on water usage
  • No risk of flooding from running water

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 Featured Question and Discussions

IL 237 Tonometer parts and manual request
Parts and manual needed for IL 237 Tonometer. Instrumentation laboratory (IL) was the manufacturing company. The company no longer support this instrument nor have any parts or manual. The IL 237 have been used to measure the oxygen affinity of hemoglobin. We have 6 of the instruments and need to refurbish all of them. Please if you require more information let me know. Thank you. Read this discussion

Liquid density
Is it possible to messure the density of liqiuds like oil using this gas pycnomtere? We have Micromeritics Multuvolume Pycnometer from the company in our research lab. Provide an answer

HP 5890 column head pressure issues
I am having issues with my HP 5890. When the unit is powered up, it sucessfully goes through the self check. The issue is that the column head pressure is measuring zero. I have adequate pressure feeding into the unit. Can anyone offer suggestions on what the issue is? Read this discussion

Eppendorf microfuge fan always on
Standard bench 5415C microfuge. Has a fan in the bottom face. This fan normally only blows when the fuge is active (rotating). In one of ours, the fan is now blowing all the time. Some sort of a short, presumably? Unplugging the unit in search of a "reset" does nothing to help - the fan comes back on immediately when re-plugged to socket. Same for activating/ending a centrifuge run.The speed and time controls for the centrifuge work fine. Anyone know how to fix this fan activation/inactivation sequence? (not "buy a new one") Provide an answer

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 Product News

Thank you to NuAire for sponsoring the Cleanroom Equipment and other categories on LabWrench

Quality and Dependability for the future - For over 40 years NuAire has been universally recognized as the leader in providing laboratory professionals with reliable products for the most demanding environments. NuAire’s mission has always been: “Develop and deliver innovative products, communicate the latest technologies and product improvements, establish trust in both products and personnel, seek customer satisfaction, and to continuously improve.”

NuAire offers a wide range of laboratory products with a variety of complementary accessories and systems; Biological Safety Cabinets, Laminar Airflow Equipment, CO² Incubators, Animal Handling Work Stations, Isolators, and Ultra-low Freezers, providing the best in the industry Sales and Service support.

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 Featured News

Portable Mixers Feature Quick-lock Mount
A line of portable sanitary mixers that can be built to match customer requirements and feature a hand-wheel mounting system which allows easy changeovers is available from Sharpe Mixers of Seattle, Washington. Read more

Malvern Instruments’ new improved folded capillary cell enhances zeta potential measurement
Malvern Instruments has introduced a new, improved disposable folded capillary cell for use in its Zetasizer Nano particle and molecular characterization systems. The new cell is designed to further enhance the reproducibility of zeta potential measurements. Read more

Highly Specific Aptamer Protein Precipitation Kits
The new AMSBIO Aptoprecipitation (AP) / Co-aptoprecipitation (Co-AP) Kits are aptamer based protein precipitation kits designed to provide easy, quick and consistent protein precipitation. The new kits offer a range of unique characteristics and provide significant advantages over alternative methods. Read more

Durable Combined Flow Sensor / Totaliser
With a polycarbonate front cover, wetted parts moulded in polyphenylsulfone (PPS), PEEK, and silicon and spindles in 316 stainless or ceramic the durably constructed Metra-Flow OG2 is designed to give high performance with a low cost of ownership. Read more

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