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September 9, 2013


 Product Resources

Planned Maintenance Optimization: Taking the Guesswork out of Lab Equipment Failure

Equipment failures can set research back by weeks, months—or even years. Just last year, autism research experienced a major setback when a freezer malfunction and a faulty temperature gauge in a hospital laboratory inadvertently destroyed samples. This event, along with other high-profile equipment and facility glitches, heightened awareness that the strongest traditional maintenance program may not be enough to prevent potentially disastrous equipment failures. Planned maintenance optimization (PMO) is one way that laboratories are avoiding these nightmare scenarios.  Read More about Planned Maintenance.

 Featured Product

Mithras² LB 943 Monochromator Multimode Reader
A high-end microplate multimode reader based on monochromator technology with excellent performance. Renowned for its sensitivity and robustness especially in luminescence and BRET measurements the reader supports all important reading technologies including
•    Luminescence
•    BRET and BRET²
•    Fluorescence
•    FRET
•    Fluorescence Polarisation (FP)
•    UV/VIS Absorbance
•    AlphaScreen® and AlphaLISA®
•    Time-Resolved Fluorescence
•    TR-FRET
In contrast to the usual kind of multi-technology instruments the Mithras multimode microplate reader has been designed with a proprietary optical system consisting of separate paths for different reading technologies (mDOPS), thus offering performances known from dedicated instruments. As each technology has its own demands on the optical system only separated light paths ensure that the needs for high sensitivity and a wide dynamic range are met with each technology.  Visit the Berthold Website to learn more about the Mithras² LB 943.

Optima™ XPN - The premier ultracentrifuge.
Look no further – you’ve found the ultra of ultracentrifuges: the Optima XPN. No other floor-model preparative ultracentrifuge offers this level of design, functionality, and performance. Possessing all of the attributes of our entry-level model, the XE, the Optima XPN boasts additional enhancements that will simplify use, optimize control and security, and increase productivity. You’ll applaud its intelligent user interface, networking and remote control capabilities, and energy efficiency. And of course, our total system design backed by our exclusive rotors, labware, and unparalleled service.

Available in 100k, 90k, and 80k RPM configurations.
Part numbers vary by geography. Contact your local sales representative for specific order information. Visit the Beckman Coulter website to learn more about the Optima™ XPN.

 Help your Colleagues

Plenty of discussions are happening on LabWrench all the time. We have many questions come in daily from users that are seeking advice from fellow users and lab professionals on LabWrench. Can you help any of these users find the answers they are looking for?

PerkinElmer LAMBDA™ 850/950/1050
How do I reset the hour meter for lamps after a change?  Help this member.

Problems with measuring DNA concentration on a BioDrop Ltd. Touch
A few days ago I was measuring around 25 micro-grams per ml of DNA isolated from blood. Today I measure 1 micro-gram per ml. There is nothing I have changed in settings and procedure, only the position of the apparatus.  Help this member.

Agilent Technologies 1200 Infinity Series Re: G1330B
I just received an ALS THerm G1330B exchange unit from Agilent. It appears that the internal drain tube has been lopped off at the opening to the corrugated tubing. Is this a new design or an issue?  Help this member.

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 Company News Hot Off The Press

Deep Well Plate Delivers True 2ml Capacity
Porvair Sciences has developed the first 96-well round deep well plate that genuinely delivers 2.00 ml liquid capacity / well in an automation compatible SLAS / ANSI footprint. The revolutionary "common wall" design provides a full 2ml round well, round bottom well within a 45mm height limit, thus ensuring full compatibility with most plate handling equipment. Read more

High-Throughput Pipette Eliminates Complex Programming Time
Current modern biotechnology applications are making use of molecular biology methods and exponentially increasing the number of high-throughput experiments being conducted in labs worldwide. METTLER TOLEDO subsidiary Rainin Instrument has addressed the needs of operators running these high-volume experiments with Liquidator 96. This bench-scale, 96-channel manual pipetting solution provides accuracy without forcing operators to contend with electronic systems or complex computer programming. The result is pipetting ease along with significant efficiency gains.  Read more.

Newly developed diaphragm pump for micro-flow metering in high-pressure laboratories
For metering tasks in high-pressure laboratories, the highest of precision when conveying defined quantities of substances is a must. Plunger pumps used for this purpose can withstand the high pressure, but they inherently leak. If the fluids in question are hazardous substances of which no droplet may escape to the outside, that can be a problem. Upscaling can also be less accurate under some circumstances. To address this problem, LEWA GmbH has developed the Intellilab, a hermetically sealed high pressure micro-metering pump. With the integrated motion control system the intellilab is a mechatronic design in total. Read more.

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 Sponsor of the Week

Thank you BenchPro for sponsoring the Lab Furniture Category on LabWrench.

BenchPro™ is a US based production furniture manufacturing company with sales and distribution facilities in California and a manufacturing plant in Baja California.

Quality features like

  • the 5,000 pound capacity
  • their 10-year warranty
  • their use of name brand materials like Formica and Nevamar
  • the use of wood, steel and tube produced in the USA
  • illustrate how they produce and distribute the finest workbenches available today.

They stock nothing, yet produce workbenches and chairs in hundreds of colors and sizes in one to three days.
Their ten advanced bench designs cover the entire workbench range while their chairs are made for every industrial application. Visit the BenchPro Website to learn more about their Lab Furniture.

 Questions from the Vault

We have so many questions filling our forums that sometimes questions can be missed and go without answers. Can you help us provide answers for these users with unanswered questions?

Running TO15.. lossing backend compounds
I have Aglient GCMS that are attached to Entech autosamplers.  I have cleaned the source and now have the following compounds at low recovery:  Bromoform, 4-ethyltoluene, 135 Trimethylbenzene, 13 Dichlorobenzene and 14 dichlorobenzene.... This is happening on two systems that I have just taken down to clean and started back up.. there seem to be no leaks to the systems.  But I find it unusual that both would have the same problem... The standard was checked on other systems and they are fine there.. any ideas on what this could be would be helpful.  Help this member.

PerkinElmer Clarus 600 GC/MS
GC 600 will not move out of initialize.  COM1 is working.  Light on the side of GC is yellow.  Help this member.

Thermo Scientific iCAP Q
What is the meaning of "sensitivity kcps/ppb?  Help this member.

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