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September 16, 2013


 Product Resources

Top 6 Signs That You Should Service or Replace Your Analytical Balance

  1. The balance is unable to hold calibration, needing re-calibration after very few weighing tasks.
  2. The displayed results drift up or down, jump for no apparent reason, or are consistently unstable.
  3. The lab’s weighing needs have changed and the facility could benefit from more advanced features such as up-todate data communication interfaces, statistical calculations, storage of readings, and product identification codes.
  4. The stability and repeatability are no longer accurate.
  5. Integration to a computer may be necessary and there may be definitive signs of corrosion.
  6. The balance requires constant maintenance.

Top 6 Questions You Should Ask When Buying a Lab Balance

  1. What is the heaviest sample you will weigh (including container weight) and what is the lightest sample?
  2. What is the required +/- tolerance of your lightest sample?
  3. How many decimal places in grams do you require for the displayed weight?
  4. What type of samples will you be weighing and do you need to take into consideration the size of the weighing surface or the securing of a tare container?
  5. Is on-site service available from a factory-trained service technician?
  6. Do you need to interface the balance to another device such as a computer, printer, bar code reader, etc.?

Read more about Lab Balances.

 Product of Interest

EMCO's C and CA Series Converters
EMCO's C and CA Series of regulated DC to high voltage DC converters provide high performance in a miniature, pc-mount package. They offer system designers an economical alternative to larger, more expensive power supplies. The C and CA's high stability and precision 0 to 100 percent programmable output make them appropriate for use in highly sensitive equipment.
Both the C and the CA Series have received the Underwriters Laboratories (UL) Mark.

Visit the EMCO Website to read more about their converters.  


Your resource for “at the instrument” support.

  • Calculate RCF and/or RPM while at your centrifuge
  • Determine your annual incubator energy consumption
  • Explore the video library for product demo’s and how to videos
  • Search the knowledge base for articles and answers to common questions
  • Find your local rep and contact them directly from the app
  • And more…

Visit the Hettich website to find out more about the app and to demo its features.
 Help your Colleagues

Plenty of discussions are happening on LabWrench all the time. We have many questions come in daily from users that are seeking advice from fellow users and lab professionals on LabWrench. Can you help any of these users find the answers they are looking for?

Varian Cary 50 BIO
Please help me with the Specification of Interface card for Cary 50BIO and about connecting this Instrument with computer. Help this member

Spectro SPECTROSCOUT trouble shooting
I'm from India and I have a Spectroscout KT (spectro analytical instrument)
After one month it is always asking me iCAl but I'm ignoring and always saying too many files delete some files but after deleting again same things comes. And in spectro midex spectroscout things perfect. According to comparssion in midex n fisher both good but in spectroscout lil problem Almost .30 difference idk what's the problem but I need to know. Help this member.

Bio-Rad T100 Calibration
How do you check calibration on a thermal cycler? Any tools/procedures available?  Help this member.

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 Company News Hot Off The Press

BioTek's New BioStack™ 4 Microplate Stacker Uncovers New Ways to Enhance Assay Productivity
BioTek introduces the BioStack™ 4 Microplate Stacker, providing walk-away automation for routine microplate-based processes including cell-based assays and any application requiring automated plate delidding and re-lidding. BioStack 4's unique plate carrier provides fast plate exchange speeds of less than ten seconds to increase throughput and enhance productivity.  Read more.

New MultiFlo™ FX Combines Bulk Dispensing and Washing for Improved, Automated Workflows
BioTek’s new MultiFlo™ FX Microplate Dispenser offers up to four independent reagent dispensers and a washer in one compact and modular platform to simplify and automate microplate-based liquid handling processes, thus saving time and reducing reagent costs. Read more.

Improve cell growth with the new DURAN® Baffled Flasks
SCHOTT North America, Inc. announced the availability of the DURAN® Erlenmeyer Baffled-bottom flasks for suspension culture, including cell biology, microbiology, and molecular biology applications.  Ideal for use on shaker equipment for culturing bacterial, yeast, animal, and plant cells, as well as for storage. The molded four baffles on the bottom of the flask provide increased agitation at lower speeds for a gentle aeration for sensitive cell cultures. Read more

 Sponsor of the Week

IAC Industries' "Quick Ship" Program for Industrial Workbenches and Workstations
IAC Industries, manufacturer of precision workstations and workbenches, provides a solution for those in need of production furnishings that cannot wait for the typical 5 to 6 weeks delivery common from most manufacturers.
The IAC Quick Ship program offers a broad selection of the company's most popular products and promises shipment within 5 business days. Quick Ship customers will find a wide variety of Workmaster™ assembly workbenches, sophisticated Dimension 4 modular workstations, Packing/Shipping Stations, Instrument Shelves, Multi-Task Systems for above-the-worksurface utility and storage mounting, Adjustable Height Cantilever workbenches, and many more productivity and organizational products for manufacturing environments. Visit the IAC website to learn more.

 Questions from the Vault

We have so many questions filling our forums that sometimes questions can be missed and go without answers. Can you help us provide answers for these users with unanswered questions?

TGA/DSC-1 400W calibration
I need to know the full procedure for calibration of Mettler Toledo TGA/DSC-1 with details. Respond to this question.

HPLC Software Upgrade. Hitachi LaChrom Option (D 7000)
I want to ask somthing about the software upgrade of HPLC with EZChrom Elite v 3.3.2 with SP2. Our PC specs: Windows 7, SP1, 32 bit.  We installed all software based on the manual procedure.
1) EZChrom Elite
2) EZChrom Elte SP2
3) EZChrom Elite Control Add-On
and Hitachi drivers
4) Chromaster Option
5) LaChrom Elite/Ultra Option
6) LaChrom Option
and use the License Key
 Now, the PC and HPLC machines are communicating using GPIB.  But when we run a base line test, problem occurred. "Application Crash" Application name- Inst.exe.  Now, what do you think is the problem with the software? Respond to this question.

Coolant Vapor buildup
I have been using a MSX250A saw and have noticed that after I am done cutting and lift up the cover, there is a release of vapors that I believe to be from the coolant I am using.  I was wondering if there is any kind of method to ventilate the machine that could remove the vapors before I have to open the cover so that I do not have to be exposed to the vapors (It is in a small room with minimul ventilation already).  Thanks for any suggestions!  Respond to this question.

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