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December 2, 2013


 Product Resources

Top 6 Signs That You Should Service or Replace Your Pipettes

  1. The pipettes no longer fit the user’s needs.
  2. The pipettes are no longer accurate, or the volume is drifting.
  3. Lab technicians are experiencing repetitive motion injuries from heavy or non-ergonomic pipettes.
  4. Tip cones are visibly worn and tips aren’t sealing well.
  5. The piston surface is worn or corroded.
  6. The batteries of an electronic pipette are no longer holding a charge.

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 Featured Product

Do you have surplus or under-utilized assets?  Are you seeking equipment?

GoIndustry DoveBid is a leading provider of asset management services globally. If surplus or idle assets are no longer needed, we provide expert advice with regard to value, asset management solutions to assist you in redeployment and, if not, offer a range of sale solutions, whether by auction or negotiation, to maximize the cash return.

Visit the GoIndustry-Dovebid website to view their current offerings.

Intelligent Evaporation from Heidolph

The Heidolph rotary evaporator has raised the bar in what you expect from your rotary evaporator. All 4 series of evaporators are on the same platform and display our unique features such as the patented non stick vapor tube clamping sleeve, high bath temp of 210C and detachable operating panel. Experience the peace of mind that comes from knowing Heidolph has you covered while you concentrate on research.

Click here to visit the Heidolph Website and see their full line of Evaporators.

 Featured Question and Discussions

Plenty of discussions are happening on LabWrench all the time. We have many questions come in daily from users that are seeking advice from fellow users and lab professionals on LabWrench. Can you help any of these users find the answers they are looking for?

Using Zeiss AxioCam ERc 5s for video  
How can I do video of a sample with Axiocam ERc 5s Camera?  Assist this member.

New to Teledyne Leeman Labs Prism ICP
I am looking for different methods to position plasma and align mirrors on a Leeman Prism Instrument. Mentor this member.

Error on Varian CP-3800 Gas Chromatograph
I am running Varian CP-3800, have never had any problems till now. Once the run started it stops. I get the message ; Error on Varian CP-3800 Gas Chromatograph #1 Comm Controller - Connection lost ( Action : Stop Acquisition, Stop Sequence).  Advise this member.

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 Company News Hot Off The Press

Ocean Optics Launches STS-UV Microspectrometer
Measuring just 40 mm x 42 mm and 24 mm high, this product is optimized for applications in the ultraviolet (190-650 nm) including absorbance measurements, point of care diagnostics, emission spectroscopy and laser characterization. The STS-UV provides powerful performance for full spectral analysis enabling applications where a range of the spectrum is necessary for proper measurements. Read more

GE Healthcare launches easy-to-use preparative system, ÄKTA start, for laboratory-scale protein purification
Ready-to-go straight from the box, ÄKTA™* start is a compact, affordable protein purification system. ÄKTA start represents a quick and reliable solution that removes the hassles of manual approaches and provides automated control of the purification procedure. Read more.

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 Sponsor of the Week

Thank you BrandTech Scientific for sponsoring the Pipettes Category On LabWrench

BrandTech Scientific, Inc. specializes in products that combine convenience and reliability to help researchers get their work done efficiently, comfortably, and safely. Our liquid handling, vacuum, and lab support lines are distinguished by the accuracy, precision, safety, ergonomics, and innovation of the instruments' design. All our products are backed by our factory-trained customer and technical support staffs.

Visit the BrandTech Scientific website to learn more about all their products including Transferpette® Pipettes.

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 Questions from the Vault

We have so many questions filling our forums that sometimes questions can be missed and go without answers. Can you help us provide answers for these users with unanswered questions?

Calibration Screw is loose
One LabWrench member is having issues with the calibration on their Gilson Midorman M1000.  Click here to offer advice.

Pipettes under control!
We buy and calibrate hundreds of pipettes per year. We would like to make an inventory to take the pipettes management under control. Do you know of any efficient way? To share your pipette management methods and tools click here.

Recalibration of Rainin Pipet-plus LTS RL
How do I calibrate a Rainin Pipet-plus LTS RL? I've already checked for any part problems, and I'm getting high volumes. It just needs calibration.  To offer direction click here

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