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March 3, 2014



Top 4 Signs that You Should Service or Replace Your UV-Vis Spectrophotometer

  1. If monitoring against known standards suggests the spectrometer is not performing according to its design parameters, the instrument needs to be recalibrated.
  2. Your current instrument does not provide the speed, ease of use, mobility, or reliability you need for your applications.
  3. Sample prep with your current instrument is awkward and takes too much time. Based on the throughput of your lab, you may need an instrument with more automation.
  4. You are experiencing problems with various system components such as mirrors, gratings, scanners, and other moving parts. This may mean replacing components or that the instrument simply needs to be cleaned.

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JM Science For all your HPLC and titration needs

Our featured product line is the AQUACOUNTER(R) Titrator line manufactured by the Hiranuma Company of Japan.

Are you looking for a titrator that is reliable and simple to operate yet expandable and upgradeable? The COM-300A titrator from AQUACOUNTER offers the Total Solution - the features you asked for at a price you can afford. Think you'll need more later? No problem. The COM-300A can be upgraded to fit your growing demands.

Visit the JM Science website to view all of their HPLC and titration equipment. 

ELGA PURELAB Chorus - In Tune with your Needs

The PURELAB Chorus gives you the chance to configure a solution that best suits your needs with the added benefit of flexibility should your future needs change. Ideal for a wide range of applications including sophisticated research and testing applications, qualitative analyses, feeding ultrapure water systems, glassware washing, autoclaves etc. The list of possible applications is endless!

    PURELAB Chorus 1: ultrapure water for critical applications
    PURELAB Chorus 2: for your pure Type II+/II solutions
    PURELAB Chorus 3: for your general grade Type III solutions

Visit the ELGA website to learn more about the PURELAB Chorus

Plenty of discussions are happening on LabWrench all the time. We have many questions come in daily from users that are seeking advice from fellow users and lab professionals on LabWrench. Can you help any of these users find the answers they are looking for?

Beckman Coulter DU-640 - file transfer
How do I transfer the ASCII file that I have created to my PC using the RS232 connection?  I can send it but my PC does not seem to know how to receive it. Share your knowledge.

The Varian Cary 50 software is very slow to start (10 min!!) on Windows 7
It takes for ever to get Cary software to open. After opening the "scan" mode, for example, it takes about 10 minutes(!) to connect. During this time a buzzing sounds are audible. Any suggestion how to troubleshoot?
Help this member.

Hach Company DR 3900
I need the step by step instructions for performing FerroVer Testing. Click here to provide steps.

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Thank you Hitachi High Technologies America for sponsoring the UV/VIS Spectrophotometers category on LabWrench.

Hitachi High Technologies America, Inc. (HTA), a global leader in scientific instrumentation, offers a full range of high-quality UV-Visible and NIR spectrophotometers, from teaching and routine instruments to research-grade systems with variable spectral bandwidth and double monochromators.  Our systems are available with a wide range of accessories for measuring liquid and solid samples to meet the specialized requirements of the optics, electronics, coatings, and life science industries. Our latest model, the UH5300, is an innovative, double-beam UV-Visible system incorporating the latest technology.  The UH5300 can be operated in a wireless configuration from a tablet/PC, providing a new way to work in your laboratory.

Visit the Hitachi High Technologies America website to see their full line of offerings.

Nickel-clad Tubing for HPLC/UHPLC Applications
VICI Valco’s new nickel-clad tubing is available with fused silica (FS) tubing, PEEK® tubing, and polyimide-coated fused silica tubing. These selections make the nickel-clad tubing ideal for HPLC and UHPLC use. Read more

Supel™ QuE Z-Sep QuEChERS Tubes
Supelco now offers the Supel QuE Z-Sep QuEChERS sorbents. The patented zirconia-coated silica particles of the Z-Sep sorbents selectively remove more lipid and pigment interferences from sample extracts than traditional cleanup sorbents for QuEChERS methods; providing more robust LC-MS and GC-MS methods. Read more.

New Multisizer 4e COULTER COUNTER from Beckman Coulter Life Sciences
The latest Multisizer 4e COULTER COUNTER from Beckman Coulter Life Sciences features a new 10-micron aperture that enables users to obtain accurate count, size and mass distribution for particles and cells ranging from 0.2 to 1,600 microns. Read more.

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New Developments in HPLC

Thurs March 13, 2014
12:00 - 1:30 PM EST

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We have so many questions filling our forums that sometimes questions can be missed and go without answers. Can you help us provide answers for these users with unanswered questions?

Varian Cary 400
I need to correct spectra for a sudden OD shift when the grating changes. I also need accurate OD data. How do I correctly adjust for the grating change?  Help this member.

Shimadzu SSI UV-1800
What is multipoint and single point calibration and how can it be done using UV probe software? Respond by clicking here.

Beckman Coulter DU 800 Series
I need to know the minimal and maximal OD that we can consider accurate. Advise this member

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