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March 17, 2014



Vacuum pumps are an essential piece of equipment and are used in a wide variety of processes in most laboratories. Over the past 25 years, vendors have made significant innovative improvements to vacuum pumps, with important developments in high vacuum technology, corrosion resistance, vacuum control, and improvements in the efficiency and ecological impact of vacuum pumps.

  1. What will you be using the vacuum for? Filtration needs modest vacuum. Evaporation requires deeper vacuum. Molecular distillation requires even more. Match the pump to the use.
  2. Can you use a dry (oil-free) vacuum pump? Oil-free vacuum pumps can support most lab applications. For the service advantages, choose a dry pump where possible.
  3. What is the pumping capacity at the intended vacuum level? Actual pumping speed declines from the nominal speed as depth of vacuum increases. The rate of decline differs among pumps.
  4. Do you work with corrosive media? Standard duty pumps have lower purchase costs, but corrosion-resistant pumps will have lower lifetime costs if working with corrosives.
  5. Should you invest in vacuum control? Electronics can improve reproducibility, protect samples and shorten process times when specific vacuum conditions need to be maintained.
  6. What is the lifetime cost of operation? Include purchase cost, service intervals, servicing cost, pump protection (e.g., filters, cold traps), and staff time for operation.

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Intelligent Evaporation with Hei-VAP Rotary Evaporators

Heidolph offers 5 series of rotary evaporators ranging from the Hei-VAP Value to the Hei-VAP Precision. Functionality and amount of control varies on the series but the same robust platform is offered no matter the series. They are suitable for standard distillation of solvents, purification of chemicals, as well as drying of powders.

Distill your solvents with the reliable Hei-VAP evaporator backed by a 3 Year Warranty you can depend on. Superior ease of use, low cost of ownership and premium safety features should all be considered when choosing the right Rotary Evaporator for your lab. Experience the difference with Heidolph.

Visit the Heidolph North America website to see our full line of Hie-VAP Rotary Evaporators & packages.

 ABB Incorporated introduces a turnkey solution for polyols analysis.

ABB introduces the new MB3600-CH70 Polyol Analyzer for R&D and QA/QC applications on polyols and derivatives. This analyzer is based on ABB’s high performance industrial FT-NIR spectrometer which is maintenance-free and enables fast determination of several quality properties in liquid chemicals.

With a set of pre-loaded calibration models for OH value determination in polyols and a user-friendly interface, the MB3600-CH70 is a true turnkey solution that is ready-to-use from day one.

Visit the ABB Incorporated website to learn more about their Spetrometer offerings.

Plenty of discussions are happening on LabWrench all the time. We have many questions come in daily from users that are seeking advice from fellow users and lab professionals on LabWrench. Can you help any of these users find the answers they are looking for?

Adixen ATH 300 Ci making a lot of noise.
Recently, the turbo molecular pump makes noise when I start an experiment.  The vacuum decreases to 1e-4, before it was 2e-5. Does someone have a solution? Maybe, it's necessary to oil the bearing? No maintenance for 2 years.  Advise this member.

Good lab scale vacuum regulator?
We need an instrument that will regulate vacuum levels coming off a lab water aspirator. Ideally this would connect in-line with the vacuum source and could programed to a desired vacuum level, venting when the pressure fluctuated down. Click here to offer a recommendation.

EMD Millipore Milliflex PLUS operation directions
I would like to know a simple procedure for operation of Milliflex Plus pump and the filtration funnel? How is the filter paper laid on the readymade Millipore agar? Respond to this member.

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Thank you New Era Pump System Inc. for sponsoring the Lab Pump category on LabWrench

We offer products that are what you want and need. When customers demanded the ability for the pump to increase flow at a smooth rate, we listened and created a gradient upgrade. We are not going to add a feature we think you may want, only the ones you demand. The end result is a line of pumps you want and need, none you may need to convince yourself to buy. Furthermore, we offer custom design services where we can build whatever pump you may possibly need.

Visit the New Era Pump System Inc. website  to view their full line of products.

Double O-ring Ensures High Integrity Cap Mat Seal
Porvair Sciences has introduced new silicone cap mats for its range of 2ml deep well storage blocks. Incorporating a novel double O-ring feature - the new silicone cap mats ensure a tight liquid proof seal every time. Read more.

TSI Launches Next Generation MacroIMS™ Macroion Spectrometer
The MacroIMS Macroion Mobility Spectrometer 3982 is a powerful new tool for rapid, high-resolution molecular mass and size analysis of macromolecules. Developed out of core technology for nanoparticle analysis from TSI, the MacroIMS system offers proven utility in a variety of biochemical applications, including analysis of antibody aggregation analysis, lipoproteins, viruses/vaccines/VLPs, polymers, and nanoparticle colloids. Read more.

Safe Efficient Concentration of Biological Samples
The miVac DNA is a compact concentrator from Genevac capable of safely and efficiently removing water and organic solvents from biological samples in a variety of formats including tubes, microplates and vials.  Unlike centrifugal filters, the miVac DNA concentrates effortlessly and returns 100% of your samples every time, and with no consumable costs.  Read more.

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Gilson MINIPULS 2 bearing replacement
Lower bearing has seized. I got it unfrozen with WD 40 but it is very loose and the shaft rubs against the speed control unit. I need to replace the bearing and need instructions as to how to remove the old one and purchase a replacement. Help this member.

Edwards E2M1.5 Controller Model TIC/3 heads.
This controller is connected to rotary pump E2M1.5 and turbo molecular pump. Recently, we shut down system to service the rotary pump. Upon re-starting, the Controller TIC shows gauge "Not Connected" and "Warning TICtmp". The display appears dim. The gauge is definitely connected. Under "Service Information", the PSU and TIC temp both shows -273.0C. Click here to provide direction to this member.

Trouble with BUCHI Corporation V-700
I am having some difficulties with my V-700 pump, it hasn't lost any power it just makes high pitched noises and smells of burnt rubber when run. I have cleaned it thoroughly and believe it maybe the belt slipping, any other ideas? Share your knowledge.

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