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April 21, 2014



Atomic absorption (AA) has been known since the 19th century, but it was not until the 1950s, thanks to efforts by Alan Walsh at Australia’s CSIRO research center, that use of AA spectrometers became routine for metals analysis.

Top 4 Signs that You Should Service or Replace Your AA Spectrophotometer

  1. You need a higher-end instrument with capabilities such as more extensive automation, software, data handling, and the ability to switch back and forth from flame to graphite furnace operation.
  2. Your current instrument is too difficult to use and set up.
  3. Your current instrument is too slow for your needs, isn’t suited to the size of samples you deal with, or doesn’t provide the sensitivity you need. For example, graphite furnace AA spectrometers are significantly slower than flame-atomizer instruments, but work better with less sample and provide higher sensitivity.
  4. The light source or detector is worn out or damaged and the system is no longer operating at peak performance.

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MIDSCI carries TPP Peel-Off and Re-Closable Tissue Culture Flasks
Culture in Hybrid Flasks to save on time, reagents and money. TPP’s line of Peel off and Re-closable flasks brings the convertible culture ware technology to the everyday tissue culture scientist.   

TPP Hybrid Flasks are designed for exceptional performance and convenience for the scientist. Whether it be in academia or large scale biotechs, TPP always has a solution.  Pair with TPP cell scrapers or spatulas for even better cell retrieval!

Other TPP products available from MIDSCI

  • Bottle filters
  • Cryotubes
  • Plates, Dishes, and Flasks
  • Serological Pipettes and more!

Visit the MIDSCI website to see their full line of TPP Products.

Design Your Eclipse Steel Casework Online
The Eclipse™ series of casework provide the building blocks to easily and systematically furnish any modern lab. Now configure your casework online and obtain your quote via email. The Eclipse Online Configurator features drag & drop simplicity. Choose for dozens of drawer and cabinet configurations in both counter- or desk-height models. Fast and easy. Eclipse™ series brings versatility, ease of future expansion and reconfiguration, storage, mobility, strength and stability, with full accessibility to mechanical, plumbing and electrical components.

Whether you are building a new laboratory, renovating or upgrading an existing lab, the Eclipse™ Series of laboratory furnishing will fulfill your needs.  

Learn more at the IAC Industries website.

Plenty of discussions are happening on LabWrench all the time. We have many questions come in daily from users that are seeking advice from fellow users and lab professionals on LabWrench. Can you help any of these users find the answers they are looking for?

Our PG Instruments 990 is failing to control gas flow.
With normal setting it ignites with high flame, then it gets smaller until the flame goes off within 5min.  To run a simple test, it reads higher concentration than expected. Help this member

AAS Thermo Fischer Scientific iCE 3000 series
We have used above mentioned instrument for metal Detection.  We are facing a problem while using Nitrous oxide and Acetylene gas combination. In Chromium and Silicon was tested we are using these gases. In this case we are not getting Absorbance while using the standard solution. We checked the standard solution in other instruments -it’s ok. Other parts like Nebulizer and Gas inlet areas are good. But still we are not getting absorbance. We are consulting with a service person they said that with a Acetylene and Nitrous oxide combination the flame should be Red cone formation without a sample. But we are only getting Blue with mixed yellow color without a sample. Only red cone formation while the sample was injected. Sample also not getting absorbance. We are not getting correct solution. Advise this member.

AA iCE 3500 Error MD 1066
I'm getting Error MD 1066 on my AA iCE 3500. It says "A furnace contactor error has been detected. Check the furnace cuvette".  I have replaced the contact cones and cuvette and I'm still getting the same error. I couldn't perform analysis because of this. Share your knowledge.

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Thank you Buck Scientific for sponsoring the Atomic Absorption category on LabWrench.

Buck Scientific, Inc. has more than 10,000 satisfied instrument users in over 40 countries. We support a wide variety of customers in the industrial, environmental, quality control, mining, plating, and educational markets.

Our engineers and chemists are continuously developing new applications to serve particular needs.

Visit the  Buck Scientific Inc. website to view their full line of products.

SOTAX Group launches new AT dissolution apparatus as part of its Xtend™ Dissolution Line
This new concept consists of new individual and standardized Xtend™ modules such as the AT dissolution bath, the CP pump, the FS filter station and the SAM sample manager which (depending on the required automation level) can be flexibly combined for different automation requirements – from a manual bath to semi- and fully automated dissolution system. Read more.

Productive Hands Free Evaporation from Genevac
The Rocket Evaporator provides truly unattended operation capability. Requiring no training even a beginner can competently use the system in less than 5 minutes.  Simply load your flasks, highlight the desired evaporation method, and press start. Read more.

New Peristaltic Pump Delivers Unparalleled Flexibility in Fluid Transfer
The Thermo Scientific Miniflex peristaltic pump delivers an expanded flow range of up to 370 mL per minute, allowing researchers to effectively dispense low- and high-volume fluids with repeatability and accuracy on a scale previously not offered by pumps of equivalent size. Read more.

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Analytical Chemistry Techniques

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We have so many questions filling our forums that sometimes questions can be missed and go without answers. Can you help us provide answers for these users with unanswered questions?

I have Shimadzu AA-6200 AAFES.
Is this instrument is useful to determine the Cesium Ions or not? Share your knowledge.

We have a PerkinElmer AAnalyst 400 which unusable due to defective Gas Box.
We would like to know the replacement procedure to change the defective part. Can a high skilled technician do the job even if has no prior knowledge the equipment?  Advise this member.

Varian AA240Z and AA280Z Zeeman %RSD Problem
I am trying to determine Pb concentration from foodstuffs using a Varian aa280z, GF120, PSD. I've tried all the temperature programs given by the manufacturer (ex: pyrolysis 600, atomization 2100) + matrix modifier NH4H2PO4(5g/L) but I still have %RSD > 30. Help this member.

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