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April 28, 2014



Troubleshooting Basics with Alpkem/OI Analytical Flow Analyzers

When troubleshooting we should always go from the most likely and simple aspects of the system to the more complex hardwired components.  For some reason, once a problem occurs most operators tend to initially focus on the most complex aspect of an instrument, instead of looking at the simple things which are usually the cause of problems on a daily basis.

  1. Proceed slowly, thoughtfully and carefully.
  2. If a problem occurs stop and thoroughly observe the problem and come to a clear idea of what the issue is and insure the condition of the overall system is correct.
  3. It is critically important to observe all aspect of a flow analyzer working perfectly on water before running chemicals and ultimately standards and samples.  In this startup mode insure that all wash bottles are filled, have proper amounts of surfactant, and luer connections are working properly also insure that all tubing are connected properly and flowing; including autosampler tubing, pump platens, cartridge to detector tubing, waste and debubbler lines.  If the primary setup is correct on a Flow Analyzer it is rare for there to be any other issues than chemical which is why it is so important to insure that the startup configuration is correct and the water is flowing perfectly.  Then once chemicals are added any problems that may occur usually relate to reagent or standard preparation.  You should observe on water:
  4. If chemicals are flowing it is usually best to go back to water, unless the problem can be fixed instantly since stopping the pump while reagent/chemicals are in the system can damage heater tubing, mixing coils, and flowcells shortening their life and ultimately costing more down time from analysis.

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COY Anaerobic Monitor – Model 12

The CAM-12 is the only analyzer that offers both O2 (ppm) and H2 (%) monitoring in one unit for the same price as most conventional Oxygen monitors. It provides a constant digital display of both levels in your anaerobic chamber utilizing H2 and palladium catalyst for O2 control.

  • NO routine maintenance procedures
  • Adjustable visible and audible alarms
  • Accuracy not user dependent
  • O2 Sensor Unaffected by changes in C02
  • User Replaceable Sensors (no down time)
  • H2 sensor that can compensate for various CO2 levels

Visit the Coy Lab Products webpage to learn see their full line of Laboratory Products

pearl biotech Blue Transilluminator

We set out to build a high quality, affordable blue transilluminator. We built dozens of prototypes, tested them out in the lab, and sent early illuminators to our colleague's labs to get their thoughts.   The result is our Blue Transilluminator which sells for $299.

We designed it around 3 main principles:  

  • For gels for the most popular gel electrophoresis boxes like Owl Gel Box and Fischer equipment  
  • Super sharp bands with all blue light dyes like SYBRsafe  
  • Easy to put away when you're done using it

Visit the pearl biotech website to learn more about the Blue Transilluminator

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Is there any printed Info on what Flux to use for making beads for specific elements and is there printed information of what channel setup to use for elements, such as Crystal, Collimator, Detector, Angle in Super Q software for XRF Testing? Help this member

Applied Biosystems 3730 / 3730xl
My samples failed twice. What might be the cause of that? Is it the array or something else?  Share your knowledge.

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Thank you EZkem for sponsoring the Flow Injection Analyzers category on LabWrench.

EZkem Flow Analysis Service, Support and Parts - Save Money, Decrease Downtime and Increase Profitability

EZkem is one of the most complete parts, service and support companies currently serving the flow analysis laboratory operations industry worldwide. We specialize in repair, onsite service, technical support, training and installation for a wide variety of analytical flow instruments. We have over 20 years of experience with Alpkem and OI Analytical systems as well as many other lab analysis instruments and we source supplies from all over the globe to assure our customers the best products at the best prices. Contact us for expert advice, timely parts and service and excellent technical support. We’re here to help.

Visit the EZkem website to view their full line of products.

High Energy Ball Mill Emax - Revolutionizing Ultrafine Grinding
The Emax by Retsch is an entirely new type of ball mill for high energy milling. The unique combination of high friction and impact results in extremely fine particles within the shortest amount of time. Read more.

Scientific Plastics adds “Carboy Contain” to Product Line
Scientific Plastics, Inc., a fifty-year old supplier of laboratory sinks, tanks, and accessories, has announced the addition of a “Carboy Contain” to its product line. Read more.

 Xylem’s YSI Life Sciences help to optimize and control bioprocessing and life sciences applications
Xylem’s YSI brand 2900 Series Biochemistry Analyzers constitute an essential part of many stages of bioprocessing and life sciences applications due to their ability to accurately and rapidly monitor and control fermentations and cell cultures. Read more.

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