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May 5, 2014



In a 2012 report, Global Industry Analysts in San Jose, California forecast a growing market for carbon dioxide (CO2) incubators. That comes as no surprise given this technology’s laundry list of applicable fields, which includes cell and tissue culture, protein synthesis, and much more.

When searching for a new CO2 incubator, Villano (product manager for Eppendorf North America) recommends thinking beyond CO2 control by answering this list of questions:

  1. Will you also need to control O2 levels?
  2. Will you need to incubate cells at or near ambient conditions, requiring a cooling option to work at these temperatures?
  3. Are you looking for an easy way to minimize potential contamination issues by choosing an easy to clean incubator together with a high-temperature decontamination cycle?
  4. Do you want to stack your incubators or select smaller, benchtop units to maximize lab space?
  5. Is it more efficient for you to dedicate a smaller incubator—say, a 14-liter one—to hypoxic conditions for difficult primary cells instead of dedicating a standard-size incubator for special cell applications?
  6. Do you need multi-doors to improve recovery time after openings, reduce gas consumption, and decrease the chances for contamination?

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Maximize reproducibility in your biological sample preparation

Manual sample preparation can often be inefficient, complex and time-consuming. This leads to increased training requirements, preparation time, procedural errors and operational costs. PIPETMAX, from Gilson, is an easy-to-use, automated liquid handling platform than can solve these problems with automated sample preparation solutions. Unlike traditional automation platforms, PIPETMAX comes at a size and price that is accessible to any lab, and has a PIPETMAN inside!

Visit the Gilson Website to see all of their liquid handling products and supplies.

Raman, UV-visible-NIR, Polarization and Luminescence Spectroscopy of Microscopic Sample Areas

The innovative 20/30 PV™ microspectrophotometer is the latest and most powerful instrument from CRAIC Technologies.  Built to meet your requirements, this bespoke instrument incorporates the latest technological advances in optics, spectroscopy and software to deliver the superior performance with unparalleled speed and capabilities.

The 20/30 PV™ microspectrophotometer combines the latest technologies to allow the user to measure UV-visible-NIR range transmission, absorbance, reflectance, Raman, emission and fluorescence spectra of sample areas smaller than a micron across.

Visit the CRAIC website to read more about the 20/30 PV™. 

Plenty of discussions are happening on LabWrench all the time. We have many questions come in daily from users that are seeking advice from fellow users and lab professionals on LabWrench. Can you help any of these users find the answers they are looking for?

Putting water in water jacket of a NuAire IR AutoFlow 8000
How you put water in water jacket as it is showing low water indicator? Help this member

Autostar blocked on Thermo Scientific Heracell 240i
I have a 240i HERAcell.  The autostar function is blocked.  It does not allow ContraCon.  The humidity sensors and door work but also is blocked, does not allow decontamination process. How can I fix this?  Help this member

Thermo Scientific Forma Series II 3110 not heating correctly
The incubator is not heating completely, just the top part is warming up and not very much. Advise this member

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Thank you Panasonic Healthcare for sponsoring the CO2 Incubator category on LabWrench.

Panasonic Healthcare Company of North America, manages sales and technical service of Panasonic laboratory products throughout the United States and Canada. Headquartered in suburban Chicago, the Panasonic Healthcare staff oversees marketing, sales, administration and service for customers, sales representatives, service companies and others throughout North, Central, and South America.

Visit the Panasonic Healthcare website to view their full line of products.

Spectral Surface Mapping with Microscopic Resolution
CRAIC Technologies, the world leading innovator of microanalysis solutions, is proud to announce Spectral Surface Mapping™ (S2M™) capabilities for its UV-visible-NIR microspectrophotometers. Read more

MoFlo® Astrios EQ Simultaneous High-speed Cell Sorting and Sub-micron Particle Detection from Beckman Coulter Life Sciences Delivers
MoFlo Astrios EQ, a six-way jet-in-air sorter from Beckman Coulter Life Sciences, delivers patent pending enhanced dual forward scatter (eFSC) technology for simultaneous sorting and detection of particles from 200 nm to 30 µm in diameter. Read more.

Z-SC1 Present the Revolutionary TWINCORE ULT Freezer
World Best Refrigeration Technology -Double Stability with Double Security:  Performance2 TwinCore© ultra-low freezers from Z-SC1 Corp are designed for -86°C storage of high-value samples. Revolutionary Double Independent refrigeration systems offering unbeatable security and outstanding Integrity for your samples. Read more.

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We have so many questions filling our forums that sometimes questions can be missed and go without answers. Can you help us provide answers for these users with unanswered questions?

BINDER CB Series with multiple problems
I have a CB 150, serial number 01-28848.  It was recently serviced - we replaced a CO2 sensor - but now the n2 value exceeds the set value (it just shoots up).   The valve was replaced as well but the value still exceeds set value. I am now suspecting the sensor but think it's going to be expensive replacing it (already spent a fortune replacing the CO2 one).  Is there a way of cleaning the sensor, or fixing it? Share your knowledge

Set +39C temperature Sanyo MC-175M CO2 incubator
I have a problem with setting +39C in my incubator. I need to increase temperature to +39C, but every time when the temperature in the incubator is over 37.5C the alarm is on. Is there any possibility to change the upper limit alarm to 40C? I could not find the information in the user's manual. Advise this member.

Disinfection of Incubator
I work as an embryologist in IVF lab. There is a Heracell150i incubator device in our lab. Ten days after cleaning it, the water in the device is contaminated by fungi, even after disinfecting by contracon system. This problem has happened frequently for more than two months. Would you please help me to solve this problem?  Help this member.

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