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Error 8880 Allegra 6r

Im getting a persistant 8880 Error message on one of my Allegra 6 r units.  Before the message displays the RPM LCD reads 000 dispite there being obvious rotor action.   Troubleshooting already done. - LCD unit has been...

Diffusion pump heater band

..doesn't turn on. I was able to trace back from the heater band to the power relay to the transistor array to the CMOS chip to the D6 pin on the Motorola M68000 CPU on the daughter board. The connection is all good. It's just this pin...


Please send me the price of the DXH500 hematolgy analyzer including shipping details


Text me with the price and shepping details

P sensor error

DearI have an error at the startup of the hplc pump with "P senor error" did someone can help me?If it's possible also to get the service manual for this equipment and for the PU-980 also intelligent hplc pump.regards


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