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Image: Newest Trends in Pipetting and Top 10 Innovations Contest

If you're working in any of the Life Sciences, you will probably agree that pipettes are the instruments that are the most frequently used in the lab.  A recent survey by Lab Manager Magazine revealed that 26% of their readers spend over

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Image: Pipettes - The Fundamental Piece of Lab Equipment

When asked what instrument has the most daily use in the lab, the majority will have the same answer: Pipettes. It is therefore crucial to ensure pipetting accuracy by choosing pipettes from companies that have a proven record of reliability.

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Image: Ergonomic Pipetting – A New Approach

It is common to assume Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) only occurs to people working in computer operations. However it also greatly affects laboratory staff when day to day duties include repetitive and precise movements of the hands and arms,

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