Micronic Starter Packs with Screw Caps

The Micronic Starter Packs are ideal for research laboratories that want to start using 2D coded tubes.

Micronic 1.40ml Tubes

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Do you want to organize your samples in a better way? If so, then Micronic offers you a wide range of 1.40ml sample storage tubes.

Micronic Screw Caps 96-format

The Micronic Screw Caps-96 provide a secure closure for long-term sample storage at ultra-low temperatures or a safe sealing during the

EPPENDORF Protein LoBind Tubes

When biological samples are stored or incubated in standard vessels, over 90 % of the sample volume can be lost within 24 hours as a result of

Gel Company Capper for 1.5 / 2.0ml screw cap tubes

The Capper offers the convenience of a flip cap with the security of a screw cap. This semi-automated unit offers many advantages for capping and/or

BrandTech Scientific VITgrip™ laboratory bottles

The VITgrip™ laboratory bottle from VITLAB® is optimized for storage and sample collection of liquids in the lab. The innovative design

Micronic Tubes for Light Sensitive Samples

The Amber storage tube uniquely safeguards light sensitive samples while still usefully allowing visual checking of enclosed sample volume. The tubes

Micronic Tubestrip-8

Micronic offers an economical, non-coded solution for storing up to 8 samples in a linked row (1.40ml), with the same features and benefits as other

WHEATON 2.5-25ml Dispenser Soluate, Btl Top

Dispenser fits directly most laboratory bottles for safe, repeated dosing. Base thread 45 mm, supplied with three adapter of 32, 38 and 40 mm.

WHEATON NextGen V Vials

WHEATON NextGen™ V Vials® are ideal for small scale reactions, centrifugation, storage, packaging and shipping of vital samples. The conical

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