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The electronic Biohit eLINE pipette is the market leader in performance and ergonomics. This award winning (Pro Finnish Design 2001) pipette takes the effort out of pipetting and significantly reduces the risk of Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI). The comprehensive range of pipetting programs in eLINE reduces the need for several work stages and enables you to dispense liquids twice as fast compared to a mechanical pipette. The unique DC-motor concept with build-in error control improves pipetting precision and allows more reliable results.       


  • Excellent accuracy and precision with unique DC motor concept  
  • Fully electronic operations guarantee user-independent results and prevent RSI   
  • Easiest tip ejection ever with the electronic tip ejection    
  • Twice as fast as a mechanical pipette     
  • One eLINE covers the volume range of two mechanical pipettes – less pipettes needed    
  • Comprehensive range of pipetting programs   
  • Several charging options       


eLINE Electronic Pipette & Stand

eLINE Electronic Pipette & Stand

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Always reset

Hello,The pipette Biohit e5000 only goes down, never go up. So at the reset, it goes down and when it tries to go up, don't move and new reset...Anyone know how to repair it?Thanks

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The Biohit eLINE Pipette features Electronic Operation which takes the effort out of pipetting and significantly reduces the risk of Repetitive...

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