GEA Niro Soavi PandaPLUS 2000


PandaPLUS 2000

This small table-top laboratory unit, designed for continuous operation at high pressure, is the perfect equipment for high pressure processing of nanoparticles, nanodispersions, nanoemulsions, and for cell disruption. In addition, it can be successfully used for processing dairy products, fruit juices, liquid food, food additives and ingredients as well as cosmetic and chemical products. Tests can be run even with small sample volumes, and the results are comparable with those achieved on bigger size machines.
PandaPLUS 2000
Noise Level < 69 dB
Homogenizer Type Ultrasonic
Depth 810 mm
Height 440 mm
Width 540 mm
Weight 105 kg
Additional Specifications Max operating pressure: 2000 bar       
Minimum sample volume: approx 15 ml


Compression block       
  • High grade and high performaces Super Duplex stainless steel       
  • Designed to ensure the maximum stress resistance to maximise the performances and reliability at high operating pressure       
  • Solid ceramic pumping piston       
  • Specially designed packing that avoid the needs for lubrication water       
  • Suction ball valve (PVB) in ceramic, with replaceable suction valve seat in AISI 630       
  • High precision pressure transducer with 4-20 mA signal       
  • Tungsten carbide as option       
Homogenizing valve       
  • Reversible wear parts in tungsten carbide, ceramic as option       
  • Manual pressure adjustment by means of a hand-wheel       
  • Second stage homogenizing valve group applied as standard       
  • Allow front/upwards/downwards outlet to match with plant piping layout       
Product inlet/outlet       
  • Tri-Clamp™ connections supplied for inline installation       
  • No feeding pump is needed (for product viscosity up to 1000 cP)       
Power end       
  • Three phase motor, suitable for variable speed drive       
  • Camshaft drive system and maintenance-free grease lubrication       
  • Made in ABS , completely removable for maintenance and cleaning       
  • High quality stainless steel base frame       
  • Adjustable anti-vibration rubber feet       
Control panel       
  • Touch screen display for machine control       
  • Start/stop drive control       
  • Pressure trend diagram visualization       
  • Built-in safety protection against overpressure       


PandaPLUS 2000

PandaPLUS 2000

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