HP 5890 Series II


5890 Series II

The HP 5890 Series II provides flexibility in choices among inlets, columns, and detectors through the use of liners and adapters, allowing any standard column to be used without sacrificing performance. Additional flexibility is gained through positions of inlets and detectors relative to each other and through the large internal volume of the oven. There are five inlet options and six detector, as well as a wide variety of flow and pressure control components.

* This item has been discontinued by the manufacturer.

5890 Series II
Detector Flame Ionization Detector, Thermal Conductivity Detector
GC System Type Modular
Additional Specifications HP 5890 Series 2   
Heated Devices      
  • Five heated zones standard: Two detectors, Two inlets, one auxiliary      
  • Methods stored: Two      
Split/Splitless Capillary      
  • Range to 400°C in 1°C increments      
  • Back-pressure design permits independent adjustment of split flow rate without      
    affecting column flow      
  • Septum purge built in at 3 ml/min      
  • Accepts columns up to 1.2-mm od      
  • Multimode design includes split and splitless injection      
  • Splitless purge time variable in 0.01-min elements      
Flame Ionization Detector      
  • Range to 450°C      
  • Grounded jet and current limited design for operator safety      
  • Push-button flame ignition      
  • Minimum detectable: 5 pg carbon/sec, nitrogen carrier at S/N=2      
  • Linear dynamic range: +/- 10% over a 10 7 range with 0.018-in. id jet      
  • Conditions: column flow 50 ml/min, 45 ml/min H2, 650 ml/min air, propane      
Thermal Conductivity Detector      
  • Range to 400 °C      
  • Single-filament (single column) design has fluidic switching of reference and      
    analytical carrier flows      
  • Minimum detectable :400 pg/ml carrier -- equivalent to 1 pmm neon in 1 ml air      
  • Linear dynamic range:+/- 5% over 105 range      
  • Digital gain setting time-programmable through the keyboard Conditions:      
  • 100 °C, 45 ml/min switching and 30 ml/min analytical flow of helium, propane      


Common Configurations:      
  • HP 5890 Series II single injector (split/split less or Packed) single FID detector      
  • HP 5890 Series II single injector (split/split less or Packed) single TCD detector      
  • HP 5890 Series II dual injectors (split/split less or Packed) dual FID detectors      
  • HP 5890 Series II dual injectors (split/split less or Packed) dual TCD detectors      
  • HP 5890 Series II dual injectors (split/split less or Packed) dual FID/TCD detectors      
  • All of the above systems come with INET communications (HPIB and data system is      


HP 5890 Series II

HP 5890 Series II

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Help programming pressure and flow on HP 5890 Series II Plus GC

We've been using HP 5890 GC's (TCD & FID) w. split/splitless inlet and manual pressure controls with success. We've recently purchased a refurbished HP 5890 GC Series II Plus w. EPC and I can't find clear instructions on how...


Hi, I am completely baffled as to why my 5890II/5971A/G1034C system has suddenly stopped acquiring data when the start run button is pushed on the GC. The program and GC/MS all seem to communicate well (can see MS data on screen when running...

GC 5890 oven shuts off when temp rises

The oven on our 5890 GC, which is hooked up to an intergator, shuts off when the temperature of the oven rises.  It occurs randomly and the only thing we have been doing to correct the issue is turning the GC off and then on again.  I am...

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