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The GPCMA modified atmosphere chamber furnaces are equipped with a metallic retort to provide a heated volume with a controlled atmosphere. They are floor-standing models with a smooth action hinged door arrangement.  
Available with a range of maximum temperature from 1000 °C to 1150 °C dependent on the selected retort material. Retort working volumes range from 37 to 245 litres.  
Oxygen levels can be reduced to 30 ppm depending on the application. Perfect for stress relieving additive manufactured components particularly those produced via DMLS. This range of furnaces can be optionally specified for compliance to AMS2750E Nadcap class 1 for aerospace applications.


    A range of maximum temperatures dependant on retort material:  
    310 Stainless Steel: 1000 °C max 
    314 Stainless Steel: 1050 °C max 
    Inconel 601: 1100 °C max 
    Haynes 230: 1150 °C max 
    Programmable 3508P1 controller 
    Over-temperature protection 
    37, 56, 117, 174, 208 or 245 litre retort working volume 
    Semi-automatic gas system with analogue flowmeters for nitrogen or argon 
    Free radiating coiled wire elements on two sides, the roof and under the hearth (37 litre: two sides and under hearth) 
    Low thermal mass insulation for fast response & energy efficiency 
    Smooth double hinged door shields the user from excessive heat 
    Type R control thermocouples 
    Type K internal retort thermocouple 
    Silicone rubber water cooled door seal 
    Door safety interlock 


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