KNF Neuberger

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  • Trenton, NJ, US
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KNF Neuberger

Since 1977, German precision, quality engineering principles, American ingenuity and entrepreneurial spirit have been at work at the headquarters of KNF Neuberger, Inc., which designs and manufactures standard and custom-tailored air, gas,and liquid pumps.

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KNF Neuberger 12 Volt LABOPORT® Filtration Pump

Found In: Lab Pumps

Lightweight, portable and ideally suited for filtration and gas sampling in the field.

KNF Neuberger SIMDOS®10

Found In: Lab Pumps

The ideal pump for transfer of aggressive liquids in laboratory settings

KNF Neuberger N920

Found In: Vacuum Pumps

Excellent suction speeds at low absolute pressures

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News About KNF Neuberger

Image: KNF Launches a Series of Four New Vacuum/Compressor Pumps  for Industrial Applications

KNF’s new N 630 diaphragm vacuum/compressor pump series delivers high pressure and gas tightness with a durable, long-life design. Four versions are available for use in industrial coolant systems, gas recycling, gas and emissions...

Image: KNF Launches Two New Compact, High-Performance Pumps

KNF has recently developed two new quiet, compact, and high-performance compressor/vacuum diaphragm pumps. These additions further expand the firm’s ability to support the specific needs demanded by a variety of original equipment manufacturer...

Image: KNF Launches New Flow-Tight, Solenoid-Driven Liquid Transfer Pump with Calibrated Pump-to-Pump Repeatability

KNF has introduced a new solenoid-driven FL 10 diaphragm pump for OEM customers. With a nominal liquid flow rate of 100 mL/min, FL 10 features bi-directional flow-tightness without additional check valves, IP 65 protection, simple linear flow rate...

Image: VC 900 Vacuum Controller Provides Easy Control of Vacuum Sources

KNF Neuberger, Inc. announces the VC 900 vacuum control unit is designed to integrate with any diaphragm vacuum pump or house vacuum source, making operation of laboratory vacuum applications simpler, safer, and more consistent and reliable. The VC...

Image: KNF Lab to Showcase New RC 600 Rotary Evaporator at ACS Fall 2015

KNF Neuberger, Inc. proudly introduces its advanced RC 600 Rotary Evaporator at ACS Fall 2015 in Boston, Massachusetts. The latest addition to the KNF LAB range of rotary evaporators, the RC 600 is an efficient, robust instrument designed for...

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KNF Neuberger

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