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BrandTech Scientific

BrandTech Scientific, Inc. specializes in products that combine convenience and reliability to help researchers get their work done efficiently, comfortably, and safely. Our liquid handling, vacuum, and lab support lines are distinguished by the accuracy, precision, safety, ergonomics, and innovation of the instruments' design. All our products are backed by our factory-trained customer and technical support staffs.

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BrandTech Scientific BRAND Liquid Handling Station

Found In: Liquid Handling

The BRAND Liquid Handling Station pipetting robot handles routine tasks at high speed and with the highest precision. The LHS closes the gap between

BrandTech Scientific Dispensette® S Bottletop Dispenser

Found In: Liquid Handling

NEW! The Dispensette® S bottletop dispensers build on the 50 year history of BRAND dispensing expertise. Continual upgrades makes this the safest and

BrandTech Scientific HandyStep® touch

Found In: Pipettes

Next generation repeating pipette!

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News About BrandTech Scientific

Image: Touch Screen Repeating Pipette with Advanced Features

from BrandTech ® Scientific   NEW! The BRAND ® HandyStep ® touch S repeating pipette has advanced pipetting features for versatility. In addition to standard pipetting, dispensing, auto dispensing and a proprietary...

Image: NEW! Cell Culture Inserts for Use in Multi-well Plates

NEW! Cell Culture Inserts for Use in Multi-well Plates   from BrandTech® Scientific   NEW! BRAND Insert 2in1 is suitable for 2D and 3D cell culture. The BRAND Insert 2in1 can be used as both a standing insert...

Image: New VITgrip™ laboratory bottles

BrandTech is pleased to introduce VITgrip™ laboratory bottles from VITLAB®. VITgrip™ bottles are optimized for storage and sample collection. They are built with an ergonomic slim waist to aid in handling, double sided graduations...

Image: Compact, Efficient, and Affordable Automated Pipetting Robot from BrandTech® Scientific

NEW! The BRAND Liquid Handling Station (LHS) pipetting robot reduces repetitive manual pipetting and increases laboratory efficiency and reproducibility through automation. The LHS is an extremely compact benchtop instrument that has 7 working...

Image: New D-2.5 and D-50 Adjustable Volume, Single Channel Pipettes from BrandTech® Scientific

BrandTech proudly introduces the popular Transferpette® S Adjustable Volume, Single Channel pipette, now in 0.1-2.5µL and 5-50µL sizes!  BRAND Transferpette® S pipettes offer superior performance, comfort, and value. ...

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BrandTech Scientific

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I broke the cones of my 8 channel 0.5-10ul transferpette....

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