Multi-Well Plates Ensure High Filtered Sample Integrity

The need for reliable methods to purify samples and improve assays has led Porvair Sciences to develop a range of proprietary multi-well filtration microplates optimised for applications including cell harvesting, DNA separations, binding studies, plasmid isolation, general filtration and sample clean-up.

Filtration plates are used in their simplest form to remove particulate matter from liquid, typically either the particulate matter or the filtrate is needed for further study.

Included within the Porvair range are filtration plates that can simultaneously filter 96 or 384 samples of up to 350µl volume providing great productivity benefits and high filtered sample integrity. For larger volume applications (up to 5 ml / well) a choice of 48-well filtration plates are available.  A broad range of filtration media including glass fibre, nylon, PVDF and polyethylene allows control of filtration plate flow rates and retention characteristics to best suit your application.  Manufactured to the standard ANSI/SBS footprint all Porvair Filtration plates are fully automation compatible.

Each well on Porvair filtration plates has an individual drainage spout ensuring 100% sample transfer and zero crossover contamination.  Manufactured from ultra pure grade polypropylene - all Porvair filtration plates minimise leachates when used with most common solvents ensuring the highest  filtered sample integrity.