Robust Evaporators for Parallel Chemistry

Genevac, world leaders in solvent removal technology, has over 20 year's experience of designing and supplying robust evaporators that can withstand the rigors of working in a chemical laboratory environment. 

Whether working in drug discovery, flavour or fragrance research, organic LED synthesis or academic research, Genevac systems are the ideal tool when faced with evaporating multiple samples in parallel.

Genevac evaporators are proven in a wide range of parallel chemistry applications including removal of reaction solvents between stages of a multi-step synthesis and removal of strong acids of bases when changing salt forms.  Genevac has developed a special option for their EZ-2 and HT Series II evaporator that provides a high level of resistance to acidic materials including trifluoracetic acid, concentrated hydrochloric acid and concentrated nitric acid.

Genevac evaporators are also the system of choice for removing purification solvents following normal phase, reverse phase or chiral separations. Developed to enable a large volume to be dried directly into a small storage container - Genevac's unique SampleGenie™ technology eliminates the need to reformat samples from a flask into a vial.  Reverse phase HPLC fractions may also be safely dried into weighable solids using FastLyo™ technology that is exclusively available on Genevac EZ-2 and HT Series II evaporators.

Depending on the number and nature of the samples your laboratory is tasked with handling then one of several Genevac systems may be suitable. The EZ-2 and HT Series II evaporators are designed for working with smaller samples in plates, tubes and vials.  When working with large volume samples in flasks - then the ROCKET evaporator is the most suitable, productively concentrating or drying up to six 450ml flasks or 18 ASE tubes in parallel.