High Grade Deep Well Plates

Deep well polypropylene microplates from Porvair Sciences are shown in a new applications report to contain almost no significant levels of leachable or extractable compounds which might affect the integrity of stored samples.

The report shows the result of GC/MS analysis carried out by Porvair Sciences on a wide range of different manufacturers' polypropylene deep well plates to establish levels of extractable or leachable contaminants in each of them.  While the Porvair plates showed no significant contaminants many of the deep well plates from alternative sources showed  contaminating peaks from chemicals used in the polypropylene to assist the injection moulding process.

Manufactured under class 10,000 conditions from ultra-pure grade polypropylene, Porvair deep well plates contain no contaminants that may leach out and affect stored samples or cell growth.  For sensitive biological applications - Porvair offers a selection of deep well plates that are available certified as RNase / DNase free.  Available in a choice of formats, volumes and well shapes - Porvair deep well plates are precisely manufactured to SBS/ANSI dimensions ensuring complete compatibility with microplate washers and automated equipment.