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Considering that water is likely the most utilized reagent in a laboratory setting, it isn't surprising that high-quality water should be a priority in every lab.  As with many other laboratory instruments, water purification systems have seen many changes in recent years; some of which include the development of new methods and a large increase in sensitivity.

A recent survey conducted by Lab Manager Magazine revealed that the most common types of contaminants found in water by lab professionals include particulates, dissolved organics/inorganics, and microorganisms.  Depending on your lab application, removing one or all of these contaminants may have a defining impact on your results.  For example, where cell culture applications are concerned, it is essential that your lab water purification system can provide you with sterile water.

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ELGA LabWater

ELGA , an integral part of Veolia Water Solutions and Technologies, is a company that focuses exclusively on water treatment.  From simple routine washing and rinsing to clinical diagnostics, ELGA is committed to developing and providing purified water to laboratory professionals everywhere.

Have a look at some of ELGA's best selling water purification systems below:

Waters Corporation

Waters Corp. is publicly traded company that has been assisting scientists worldwide in reaching their scientific goals.  With a particular focus on research, development, and quality control, Waters stands out as one of the best-performing companies in the industry.




Featured Lab Water Purification Question

Posted By: Meltemickin

Message:  We have been using Sartorius Arium 61316 in our laboratory for 3 years. I can not get distilled water any more. There is a message on the screen saying 'Wait for low pressure 0,59 bar'.  I have controlled inlets and outlets and the inlet pressure is okay. When I try to press menu or enter, it makes no sense. The buttons do not work. Would you please tell me if I can do something myself?

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