Unique Personal Lab Sterilizer Sets A New Benchmark

AMSBIO has announced CoolCLAVE™ - a compact, easy-to-use personal lab sterilizer. CoolCLAVE™ uses ozone gas to clean your laboratory tools. It is effective in sterilizing and deodorizing lightly contaminated pipettes, pipette tips, gloves, plates, small instruments, and even personal items such as keys and glasses.

To sterilize items, simply place them inside the CoolCLAVE™ Sterilizer and press START. The anti-microbial properties of ozone provides a powerful sanitizing effect that is capable of killing more than 98% of most pathogenic organisms (bacteria, fungus, virus, etc.) in just 8 minutes. The antimicrobial properties of ozone also eliminate the odours produced by these organisms providing an additional beneficial deodorizing effect. Best of all, the CoolCLAVE™ sanitizer is very safe and efficient, it operates without using any harsh chemicals, harmful UV rays, or heat, and does not damage any surfaces or leave any chemical residues behind.

The CoolCLAVE™ is very easy to use. Its sterilizing action is able to penetrate into cavities or crevices that are unreachable by other methods, like ethanol spray or UV lamps, so your research tools or personal items are more thoroughly and safely cleaned*. CoolCLAVE™ is inexpensive to run and is highly reliable requiring minimal maintenance.