New Consumables Categories - Petri Dishes, Pipette Tips, & Antibodies

Happy Friday!

In today's blog, we will be a continuing to introduce our new consumables categories added to LabWrench.  Earlier this week, in Wednesday's blog, we introduced the new 'Centrifuge Tubes' and 'Microplates' categories.  Today, we are pleased to introduce the new 'Cell Culture/Petri Dishes', Pipette Tips, & 'Antiobodies' consumables categories to LabWrench.

Click on the links to get information on the selected products shown below!

Cell Culture/Petri Dishes:

Thermo Scientific - Nunc UpCell & Nunc Low Cell

BD Biosciences - Cell Culture

Stemcell Technologies - Tissue Culture

Pipette Tips:

Eppendorf Microloader, GELoaderCombitips Advanced & epT.I.P.S Reloads

BrandTech Scientific - BRAND Tips

Mettler Toledo - Rainin Syringe Tips



Thermo Scientific - Pierce buffers for IgG Purification

Agilent Technologies - Anti-c-Myc, Vitality hrGFP, & Anti-FLAG


Keep checking-in to LabWrench for all your consumable needs as we will be expanding our current consumables categories as well adding new ones in the upcoming weeks!

Have a great weekend!

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James Vandal
Product Research Coordinator
LabX Media Group