Automated 5-Place Balance for critical weighing processes

BioMicroLab specializes in automated instruments for tube and vial handling.  Our newest robotic platform, the XL100 Vial Handling Instrument, includes an option to incorporate a balance with 0.01mg readability for your most critical weighing tasks.

The XL100 design allows for customization for a variety of tube handling applications.  We have recently provided customers with XL100 systems for use with vacutainers, Sarstedt 2mL tubes, 4mL glass vials, mini tubes (Matrix/Micronic), and Nunc cryovials. 

  •     XL100 robotics are designed for advanced tube and vial handling
  •     Handles a wide variety of tubes and vials from mini tubes to vacutainers
  •     Integrates Mettler Toledo WXS series scale with 0.01mg readability
  •     Highly precise weighing for your critical weighing tasks

Typical applications:

  • Uncap vial, weigh vial to verify, and recap vial
  • Weigh vial to verify and add a fresh cap
  •  Dispense, weigh vial to verify, and add a fresh cap